Day 8 – What can you see when you look out of the window?

Last night I thought it would be such a bummer to photograph our currently bleak and grey back garden from my window, but when we woke up in the morning it was snowing, so everything was beautiful and white. Yay! I am all for white winters.

 This is usually the view I get from my window. I can’t get too close to the window, because there is a table and other junk in the way, but eh, it’s still pretty and that especially with the Christmas lights I have up all year around just because I adore them.

 This is our back garden then. I don’t get a view to the front of our house because of the location of our apartment. It’s especially nice when it’s all green and flourishing.

 At some point our elderly neighbour was puttering around the garden. Not quite sure what she was doing, she is often just walking around as if she is looking for or investigating something. Sometimes she is accompanied by her adorable poofy cat who has a curled tail. I really like that cat, she always meows back at me.

 Some apples left on the apple tree. They looked pretty like that in the snow.

 Later some crows showed up and agitated my cats.

So, this was my view out of the window today. It was perfect with a steaming cup of coffee and some Dead Can Dance playing in the background.

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