Day 10 – A photo post about your day

Boyfriend made me coffee before he headed out to work. I got up, brushed my teeth and poured myself a cup. Then I got out the milk, checked that the expiration date was still 3 days away and poured some into my coffee. The first sip tasted really off, but I figured it was because I had just brushed my teeth and that the toothpaste flavour was not complimenting the coffee flavour, so I took another sip… and spat it all out across the kitchen counter. The milk had gone bad, but not bad enough to clump up in the hot coffee like it usually would D: This is the somewhat cleaned up aftermath of the ordeal:

After that, I grumpily ate my breakfast and attempted to call the doctor for an appointment, because it was the day they said they’d have their appointment schedule updated. Since the line was busy for over an hour, I entertained myself by listening to Dodger talk about videogames I’ll probably never play. Finally, I managed to get through to the doctor’s office and got an appointment… for 7th of February 8D I was quite upset to be honest, but at least it’s an appointment?

Then I got dressed and went out to buy ingredients for dinner. It was really nice and snowy outside 😀 I wanted to take a small detour to the store so I could enjoy the snow, but I have a huge blister on the underside of my foot from all the walking we did on Sunday, so it hurt to walk. I ended up just walking to the store, grabbing food stuff and coming back home.

I really wanted to take a nap, but felt I should try and do at least something remotely useful instead, so after having a cup of coffee and some pastries to pep myself up, I decided to wash the piled up dirty dishes. Eww!

See, I did it! Mission accomplished! Yay for me for accomplishing a simple everyday task. No, really, I am not even kidding right now.

Then I prepared dinner. I made “American Gods” inspired chili with rice and some salad. I did all the prep and then put it in the multicooker to stew for a few hours. And then, finally then, I took a nap for a couple of hours. I felt so exhausted, so it felt good to snuggle up on the couch. When I woke up, boyfriend was home and dinner was ready. That was basically my entire day. It doesn’t really sound as if I did much, but honestly, I managed to be more productive today than I can manage most days. I was hoping that I’d manage to write as well today, but… I didn’t even to open up the word file even though it was constantly nagging at me.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and I endeavour to do even better tomorrow.

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