Two better days… 7-8. November 2016

7. November

 Japanese style pumpkin curry with rice and some salad.

 Coffee with a couple of vanilla and chocolate chip pastries.

 “American Gods” inspired beef curry with rice and salad with fried mushrooms.

I had a nice productive day. I did the dishes, got groceries and cooked a proper dinner, among other this and thats. Since it was also the day I was told to call in to get a psychiatrist appointment, I did just that and spent almost an hour simply trying to get through to the reception. The line was constantly busy. When I finally got through, the first available appointment was for 7th of February 2017 8D I guess now I have an appointment, but it’s almost 3 months away… :/

8. November

 Some persimmon and oatmeal porridge (made with rice milk) with honey and butter.

 A couple of sausage sandwiches. I am still totally addicted to that kefir bread.

 Beef chili with rice and some salad.

 Chocolaaaaate homghhh!

Another nice and productive day. Nothing major, but I did a little bit of everything… washed the dishes, got some thesis documents in order and took time to read a book and take a shower. Felt nice and good.

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