Cool things I found while wasting time online #23

Since I can’t access Photobucket again to upload photos, let’s do this instead. I haven’t really made this post for a while now, because I got distracted by real life troubles.

Anyway, this is a post of interesting things I’ve found online (and sometimes offline) in one week… Well this times it’s like in a month xD These things may include among others: recipes, fandom stuff, interesting articles or artwork.

  • Look at this vodka bottle concept art 😀 I’d buy this just because of the bottle!
  • “Stranger Things” retold in 8bit 😀 So adorable and funny.
  • I really like this video for “Wynken, Blynken & Nod” by Jack and Amanda Palmer. The song is lovely too.
  • Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain” is one of the funniest and the most exciting fanfictions I have read for a while. To be honest, at first I dropped this fic after reading about half of the first chapter… it just sounded like a really stupid idea for a story: Tony Stark’s adoptive son, Peter Parker (minus powers), drops out of college and runs away from home to become a farmer in the middle of nowhere. I mean, what?  But for whatever reason I decided to continue reading and, oh by the stars, best decision ever made. This story is hilarious, with a ridiculous cast ensemble from both the Avengers universe and the X Men. If you are in any way interested in Marvel stuff and appreciate silly humor, give this fic a go 🙂
  • The  vidoe title speaks for itself 😀
  • Sneak peek at the next “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie! So excited for this!  Also, awwwwww baby Groot!
  • This One-Skillet Butternut Alfredo Baked Fusili sounded too good. I already made this (sans the baking part and a skillet) and it was glorious.
  • “American Gods” inspired Laura Moon’s chili. I already made this as well with a couple of tweaks of my own to the recipe. One tweak happened, because I bought minced beef instead of just a chunk of beef and I decided to skip the coriander as I am not a big fan of it.
  • These Ground Cherry and Pistachio Hand Pies sound too delicious!
  • An adorable Stranger Things Christmas in the style of the Charlie Brown comics (or Peanuts as it’s apparently called).
  • Another really cool Russian vodka bottle concept 😀
  • This Spaghetti Pie sounds like a really good idea for tomorrow’s dinner actually. MMMmmm carbs!

Drop me a line or two if you liked or found anything interesting in my choices as well 😀

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