Café cat… 15-16. November 2016

15. November

 A banana.

 Salad, fried eggs, ham sandwiches.

 A ham sandwich and buckwheat soup with cheese.

 Sweet potato chocolates. They were super sweet, but went surprisingly well with tea.

16. November

 Oatmeal porridge with honey and some persimmon.

 Minced meat pie and a café latte @ Nikolay

 Another slice of the minced meat pie and then some quark pie.

I met up with Marit in the evening and we got some pie @ Nikolay bar-buffet. The place was really nice with delicious pies, cheeky Russian boys behind the counter and they even had a giant red fluffy cat living in their establishment. I think more cafés and restaurants need a cat or a dog 😀 There is a photo of the cat on my Instagram if you’d like to see.

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