Kimi no Na wa… 17-18. November 2016

17. November

 Ice cream with cocoa cereal.

 Oatmeal porridge with honey.

 Glass noodles.

 Stewed chicken and potatoes with some avocado salad and beetroot.

18. November

 Stewed chicken with avocado salad and some beetroot; rice with chicken sauce.

 Some shrimp spring rolls and lamb sauce with some rice that I shared with my boyfriend.

 A slice of apple-halve pie.

We went to see an anime called “Kimi no Na wa” in the evening. It was a part of the PÖFF Asian programme and it was the only PÖFF movie we saw this year. No other movie really grabbed my fancy from the list and most of the Japanese movies this year seemed either ultra violent or depressing, so I had no desire to see them. Anyway, “Kimi no Na wa,” was super beautiful and a very sweet anime. It was about a boy and a girl occasionally switching bodies while they slept and about the shenanigans that ensued… but don’t be fooled, despite it having its funny moments, it most definitely wasn’t a comedy. It had a bit of everything: funny moments, sadness, fairy tale elements, fluff, tragedy. Also, the music was beautiful:

I loved it. Watch it if you get a chance.

2 thoughts on “Kimi no Na wa… 17-18. November 2016

  1. sunspotmomito says:

    My boyfriend went to watch this anime with his friend. He loved it as well. Loved it so much that he spoiled the plot for me xD. Although, I kinda finished his sentences when he was telling the story, some of the things were a bit obvious/familiar from other movies I’ve seen..


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