A weird day… 23. November 2016

 Homemade shiratama dango with oshiruko (rice dumplings in red bean soup) and some ice cream for breakfast.

 Some coffee, sparkling wine and salmon roll @ my mom’s place.

 French fries from McDo, because I was feeling asdf67a8draFG&/¤E!=/ET!

 Snickers chocolate and tea. I felt a connection with that chocolate wrapper.

 Sauerkraut soup with sour cream and a polar bread sandwich with ham and avocado.


We woke up earlier so I could make us some fancypants breakfast. The shiratama dango turned out pretty great 😀 It didn’t taste quite like I remember from Japan, but close enough.
Later I went to help my mom a bit with some stuff. We had a small drink to belatedly celebrate her birthday. I was getting somewhat antsy and frustrated for some reason (possibly the politics and world events talk), so I got myself some French fries on my way home. At home I tried to do something useful, but couldn’t get anything done… so I got really mad and went to bed instead. I ended up sleeping most of the day and only woke up because Loki was literally screaming in the living room. Damn cats :p So yeah, it was a weird day. But the sleep did me good I think, because after that I managed to do the dishes and other minor tasks.

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