Day 14 – A picture that makes you happy

This one taken on the 4th of August this year. It seems like a very random snap of our domestic life, but what makes it important is the story behind it. I was having a particularly bad time that day, I was feeling sick and tired and didn’t manage to write my thesis…. The apartment was dirty and I had no energy to cook dinner. What a nice girlfriend to come home to, right?

But that guy on the photo comes home and instead of being angry with me, instead of us getting into a fight over my failings, he offers to order take out and watch anime with me. And therefore this random photo makes me happy, it reminds me how blessed I am to have someone like that in my life who doesn’t judge me by my bad days and who, instead of lashing out or getting angry, tells me that it’s all fine and supports me in getting better.

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