Good and bad… 2-3. Dec 2016

2. December

 Fruit bread and coffee

 An apple, a couple of brioche and another cup of coffee

 Rice with tuna sauce and some tomatoes

 Some grapes

I went to my parents place to find some photos of my old pets. It sure was a trip down memory lane. Now I need to pull myself together and actually write the blog post using these photos I found. It’s difficult keeping a daily routine right now. Still trying my best however.

3. December

 Scrambled eggschicken

 Coffee and a couple of brioche buns

 Oven baked garlic chicken and potatoes, pickled cucumber and some beef sült (head cheese). I was having a bad day, so my boyfriend made this dinner ♥

 Rye bread crisps and tea

I was moody and grumpy the entire day. The evening was nice however: my boyfriend made dinner and I had a raid night with my guildies in Rift.

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