A Christmas Party… 15. Dec 2016

 Oat bran porridge with a banana and some butter

 Really good pumpkin soup and a glass of white wine

 Some shrimp and a scallop


 Fish with wine sauce, some rice, mashed potatoes and broccoli

 Coffee and chocolate cake


So, it was Indrek’s work Christmas party. It was held in Kernu manor and the theme was 20’s fashion. We got all dressed up and it was pretty awesome. Sadly, the dressing up part was the only fun part this year, they didn’t really do anything else with the theme. I think this was the most boring Christmas party the company Indrek works for has held so far. The ones before this one have been all great fun. This year the food was kind of not good (except for the pumpkin soup and the shrimp, which were great) and the entire thing felt unorganised. For instance, the first course was served at the table, but the second course was served as a buffet in another room and no one bothered to announce it for everyone to know… eventually the information spread word to mouth that there was food in the other room. There were quite a few such instances during the entire evening.

The first band was terrible; they were two girls with electric violins and one with a saxophone. The sound was awfully loud and since the electric violins sounded through a computer and the saxophone did not, the sounds clashed terribly. Plus, they played a medley of “bad” pop songs and nothing original. The second band was much better, but since both bands were way too loud for the tiny room we were in, we had to fled the main event room and enjoy the tunes from two rooms away. The second band too played mostly only covers of pop songs, but at least they were performed nicely. It would have been cool to have a thematic band playing 20’s music, even if the music had been modernised old.

I mean I still had fun, but I mostly spent time with Indrek. I guess the organisers idea had simply been to come together, all dressed, up and then just hang out with music and food, but sadly this could only work with your own knit group, not with everyone bringing their dates and spouses, because then you have a bunch of strangers in the mix who have nothing to do when the work group starts talking about, well, work. And this happened a lot. None of the previous years was this a problem in any way, but I guess it can’t be all great every year. I’m still happy I got to dress up and get my hair done and that I got to look pretty for a change 😛

Some photos we took:

Stylish bathroom selfies.

Loud band

Gangsta Christmas


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