Been busy… 16-17. Dec 2016

16. Dec 2016

 Ebishio ramen @ Tokumaru

 Tempura king prawns with matcha salt. So good!

 Coffee and a couple of chocolate kisses.

 Miso soup, rice and barley, grilled beef and salted cucumber.

 Rye bread with butter and beef ham


17. Dec 2016

 Onigiri, a boiled egg, some avocado, salted cucumber, beef ham and miso soup

 A crappy gas station doughnut

 Pork roast, blood sausages, sauerkraut, baked potatoes, sauerkraut and salady stuff. I didn’t even manage to eat half of this, because I had other food (meat pastries and lots of other stuff) earlier. There is no photos of the other foods, because I somehow managed to put my camera in the wrong mode and all the photos turned out completely dark 😦

My dad and his friend celebrated their birthdays in a pub in Pärnu. I kind of think mom’s birthday was celebrated there too even though it wasn’t officially in the agenda xD There was so much food that was pretty great, many people whom I had not seen for years and a childhood friend (who didn’t recognize me 😦 ) providing music entertainment. It was a good evening.

 Mom and dad :p

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