Cool things I found while wasting time online #25

This is a post of interesting things I’ve found online (and sometimes offline). These things may include among others: recipes, fandom stuff, interesting articles or artwork. I tried doing this post weekly, but sometimes I was too busy to surf the web or simply didn’t find anything noteworthy the entire week, so now I will post this whenever I finally have something to share 😛

  • SHAME! If you happen to be a “Game of Thrones” TV series fan, you’ll love this 😀
  • Hahaha, I need this “Twin Peaks” lego set in my life xD
  • WOOOO I squealed so hard when I watched the first “Spider-Man: Homecoming” trailer 😀 The new Spidey is so perfectly awkward and chatty. I love it. And I am also really happy that they included Tony Stark in this 😀 I can’t wait for this movie, honestly!
  • I don’t believe in photoshopping your food and/or using tricks like described in the below video when you are a food blogger. I guess it’s fine in commercial movies and such, but it feels like blasphemy when people do it to illustrate their recipes etc. I mean, it’s fine to lighten up photos or photoshop away a stray cat hair you didn’t notice on your food when taking a photo. But taking photos when the dish is half-cooked or modifying it some other way, like they do in the video, or blatantly just photoshopping the dish to look beautifully unrealistic feels so wrong. I mean, I feel as bad when my dish doesn’t look as pretty as on the recipe photos as I feel bad when I don’t feel as pretty as all the obviously photoshopped models in fashion magazines. Well, at least this is why I personally don’t photoshop my food or why I don’t mess with it unnaturally to make it look prettier.  It’s still cool though what tricks people have developed to make food look oh so very beautiful.
  • A very fangirl Christmas song 😀

    Drop me a line or two if you liked or found anything interesting in my choices as well 😀

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