TV Tower and ilness… 26-27. Dec 2016

26. December

 Coffee, scrambled eggs, potato salad, some cucumber

 Napoleon’s cake and coffee

 Bouillabaisse @ Teletorn Restaurant. I’ve never had bouillabaisse before, but I always thought it was a seafood stew soup with more seafood in it. It was still good, but not what I expected. The piece of crab on top of it was really good.

 Sous vide roasted saddle of lamb, deep-fried thymus, vegetable gratin, baby vegetables and rosemary sauce. The roasted thymus had a very weird texture xD

 Daim McFlurry

We visited the Estonian TV Tower in the evening and had dinner in their restaurant. The view from 175m to the evening Tallinn was beautiful. The restaurant meal was probably one of the most expensive meals I’ve ever had and it all was… okay. I mean, the food was good, but nothing special. I always think that if after a meal, I can only think how good everything was, the meal was probably worth the money, but if afterwards I can only think how expensive everything was, then the food probably wasn’t worth the price. So, I doubt I ever want to go back to that restaurant. It was however still an interesting experience.

27. December

 Oat bran porridge with butter and raspberry jam, kefir bread with chocolate spread, coffee

 Pork schnitzels, fried potatoes with eggs, some cucumber and avocado salad

I caught a cold. Probably caught the bug from my boyfriend who started showing symptoms of illness already during Yule. Ugh, sucks so much.

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