Snot… 28-29. Dec 2016


 Two sandwiches made with kefir bread, butter and sausage; also finished off some oat bran porridge from yesterday.

 Buckwheat with cream sauce, fried blood sausages, some pickled cucumber and salad with cottage cheese.

29. December

 Coffee and kefir bread with chocolate spread

 Mixed grains with cream sauce, blood sausage, some pickled cucumber and salad with cottage cheese

 Mixed grains with cream sauce, baked blood sausages and some pickled cucumber

Did nothing for the past two days, because we were both ill with my boyfriend. So much suck.

3 thoughts on “Snot… 28-29. Dec 2016

  1. says:

    I don’t know if I want to try blood sausage just because of the name. I thought what you call sausage looks very different from what I would expect, but it looks very similar to what I call liverwurst. I love liverwurst, so I Googled it and found it is a sausage. I feel like a Google advertisement, I keep using it.


    • annika says:

      We have liver sausage in Estonia too, but yeah it’s not anything like blood sausage. Some people around here don’t even consider liverwurst a sausage, because some versions can be spread on a sandwich if so desired.

      I guess many people would be put off by the name “liverwurst” as well :p I do get the grossness effect, but it’s just what it is. Blood sausage is pretty different in varying countries, for us it’s a sausage that is usually made by stuffing a mix of pigs blood, barley, pork and herbs into a sausage skin or pig intestine. It’s usually eaten fried or baked, so it really doesn’t look like a regular sausage. It is however delicious in my opinion 🙂 If you ever get a chance, try to forget what it’s called and give it a try 😀

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