Bad luck… 6. January 2017

 Chicken and peanut stew with rice and a round bread called Lapileib

 A slice of apple chocolate brownie with tahini

 Spaghetti with minced meat sauce and some salad

 Pumpkin seed sepik with chocolate spread and some tea

Last night’s dreams involved, among other things, me trying to stream a boring match three bubble game on twitch, falling in a field full of water and losing my camera and camera lens, being attacked by an ostrich. Heh.

I went to a different grocery store today, because they have a decent meat and fish counter where they’ll package you the exact amount of stuff you want. My local store only sells pre-packaged meats, so usually when I would buy minced meat from there I would have to buy two plastic boxes of it. I figured getting one plastic bag instead or two huge boxes would be a better option, so I took a short bus ride to get the groceries. However, when I got home and started making sauce with the meat, at the very last step I added in some milk… and the milk curdled D: The sauce was ruined and inedible. There was nothing else to do, Indrek and his sister’s son went to the local store and got the plastic boxed minced meat 😦 So much for trying to reduce garbage, I ended up producing double. Eh. Just bad luck. And it was really odd with the milk too, it still had 4 days until its expiration date 😦

I feel I am having such epic first world problems right now.