Dreams… 11. January 2017

 Two sandwiches with chocolate spread and a persimmon

 Tea and two sausage sandwiches

 Vegetable soup (potato, carrot, cauliflower) with leafy greens and seeds

 A sausage sandwich with some leftover salad from yesterday

Dreams last night involved: Lumi’s puppies; My grandparents had built many log cabins on their property for tourists. The cabins were kind of rickety and I was afraid being in them, because they creaked and wavered; I was given a huge painting station as a gift. It had a built-in easel and drawers for painting supplies. My heart was hurting so much, because I had this amazing working place now but I had lost my ability to do any art; And all the time there was a big party happening. People occasionally went to see my dad’s motorcycle club members, who were sitting amongst themselves, to trade their Rock beers for Alexander beers.

8 thoughts on “Dreams… 11. January 2017

    • annika says:

      Super easy: take one bigger carrot, a smaller head of cauliflower and maybe 700g of potatoes. I’m really not sure how many potatoes I used. Chop them all into smaller pieces (carrots into the smallest, because they want to cook longer), add one vegetable bouillon cube, cover them with water, so there is maybe 1cm water above the veggies and boil until carrots feel soft. Not like mushy soft, but so you can easily stick a fork in them. Blend the entire thing together and add extra taste with some salt and pepper if you feel it need some extra taste. 🙂

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