On ice… 19. January 2017

 Cashew and coconut bar

 7 grain porridge with khorasan wheat (kamut) with some added chia seeds and honey

 Baked potatoes, tomato and zucchini with some cucumber-avocado salad

 Raspberry cake and some tea

I think ice is a dangerous thing. I don’t like walking on rivers, ponds etc. that have iced over, because the ice might crack and you might fall into the icy water and die. I don’t like holes in ice where some people like to dip themselves in during winter after going to sauna, because you might get a cold shock, cramp up and drown. I also don’t like high places and think jumping down from said high places (with bungee cords or parachutes etc.) for “fun” is stupid, but that’s stretching my point I guess.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when my boyfriend told me that there might be a chance of them going on an ice track on some lake during the weekend with their enduro bikes. I looked out the window where there has been rain and warm temperatures for a week now and went: you want to go on a potentially melty ice track with a big machine that has nails on the wheels? How about no?

I know these are my fears and they are probably unreasonable, as the tracks are supposedly “official” and supervised, but this is just how far my limits go. I try to be supportive with his hobby, but ice tracks freak me out. I know he can also potentially hurt himself just riding in the woods (a point which he has proved to me several times), but at least there isn’t the risk of drowning in an icy death trap. I’ve been conflicted about this big time. On one hand, I don’t want to be the kind of restrictive girlfriend who says what he can or can not do, but at the other hand, I would be so happy if he didn’t do stupidly dangerous things that make me worry like crazy.

Bah. Men!

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