Being social… 20-21. January 2017

20. January

 A croissant with ham and veggies and a latte @ KUKU Kohvik

 A beetroot burger with peanuts and a cup of coffee @ Green Bakery

 Fried up baked potatoes, tomato and zucchini

 Sandwiches with avocado and smoked ham, pumpkin soup with roasted sesame seeds

 A tiny piece of raspberry cake and another cup of coffee

 We got this chocolate as a souvenir from the Tallinn TV Tower. Shared it as a late-night snack with my boyfriend.

First of all, good news is that the weekend ice track madness was cancelled. Sad for my boyfriend, good for me. I’m selfish.

In the morning, I met up with Maarja for some coffee and catch up time. Since most places, we were interested in visiting, were still closed, we ended up meandering around the old town for a while and eventually stopped at KUKU café mostly because their prices didn’t freak us out like the many other places on our way did, where we stopped to look at the menus :p Their stuffed croissant was juicy and yum. Later we walked to Green Bakery that is a small café slash bookstore. I liked the atmosphere of the place a lot. The veggie burger was good too, however I would have used less seasoning on it, because I could hardly taste the beetroot.

It was a lovely café filled morning 😛

21. January

 Smoked ham sandwiches, pumpkin soup with cheese sand sesame seeds

 Jeriska’s Chips: potato chips with balsamico vinegar. These were quite atypical for potato chips and tasted might fine.

 Lentil chips with chili powder (didn’t fancy these as much), cranberries in powdered sugar, grapes

 Lavash rolls with ham, cheese and sausage bites, carrots

 Hazelnut and almond cake that was super tasty

 Strawberry cake that tasted okay, but wasn’t anything mind blowing

We visited our friends Mati and Merle in the evening to play some board games. We played a long game of Ticket to Ride, which I think is my favourite board game now. I like the way it’s still competitive without having to maliciously screw everyone else over all the time. I had lots of fun and ate lots of crappy food.

I also drank too much coffee over the past few days XD It has been great! xD