I almost became a thief… 22. January 2017

 Sandwiches with smoked ham and cucumber; pumpkin soup with sesame seeds.

 Potato and mushroom varenyky with sour cream and salad.

We went grocery shopping with my boyfriend and we also picked up a big pack of toilet paper. Since the package didn’t fit in our shopping basket, I carried it. It was hot in the store, so at some point I had taken off my coat, which I was carrying hanging over the same hand I held the toilet paper on. When we got to the cashier, boyfriend started unloading things from the basket and I moved to the cashier to register my loyalty card etc. completely forgetting that I was still carrying around the toilet paper. We paid, packed our stuff and started leaving the store. Before stepping outside, I started putting on my coat and it was then when I realised I had just walked out the store with a huge pack of toilet paper without paying for it. I freaked out and ran back to the information stand, where I explained what had happened and paid for the item. It would have been so embarrassing if the security had caught us :s

On our way home, we wondered how many people would have just left with the unpaid item if the security hadn’t spotted them, like happened to us. What would you have done? Would you have gone back to pay for the item or would you have continued on your way, happy with your accidentally “free” item?