Black rice… 24. January 2017

 Buckwheat porridge and a couple of boiled eggs.

 Boyfriend brought home these paleo “health shots” or whatnots from work. Fireball was with turmeric, orange, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper and it tasted like a nice peppery juice. Chilitrim was with apple, lemon, honey, pure chili juice and it burnt my mouth badly. I think it tasted okay, it just hurt a lot to drink.
Whilst I liked the taste of fireball, I didn’t particularly like the entire concept of these juice shots mainly because selling 60ml juice in a plastic bottle (that has no return mark on them) feels so wasteful. Also, I’m not sure how much these would cost in a store, but I imagine them being pricey. I would probably drink them if offered somewhere for free, but I doubt I’ll ever buy them.
Drinking these juice shots however made me miss having a juicer.

 Beef chili with black rice and salad. First time eating black rice. Loved the taste and texture and was so surprised on how filling it was compared to white rice.