You’re hot and you’re cold… 25. January 2017

 Hot and sour soup with shrimp and mushrooms @ Chopsticks. I was feeling so cold and bordering ill in the morning that I wanted something warm and spicy to eat. This soup did the trick, I felt so much better afterwards.

 And of course, right after that, I wanted some ice cream xD That chocolate ice cream hit the spot too.

 A sloppy joe with beef chili; some black rice and salad

 I baked my first ever loaf of white bread and it turned out better than I expected for a first try 😀 I had a couple of slices of my handiwork with butter and honey + some chamomile tea.

2 thoughts on “You’re hot and you’re cold… 25. January 2017

  1. E-Gusta says:

    Oooh- that bread looks really good.

    I tried making a cake yesterday- cakes and baking are really NOT my thing. It turned out rock har and with holes in it. I smothered it in jam and Baby-G said it was ‘delicious’. Result!

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    • annika says:

      Baking is really difficult. I feel that if you mess up a tiny thing in cooking some other food, it’s usually not a big catastrophe, but with baking, one tiny mistake can result in an unfixable mess.
      It’s not my thing either and I feel really lost and scared when it comes to baking, and I tend to mess up more than have successes, but I really want to learn how to bake my own bread so I wouldn’t have to buy it anymore.


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