I have been on a Moomins kick lately. I just love that world and many of the characters so much.

I doodled a bit, making up my own character in the style of Tove Jansson. I call her Mora. Her dress was supposed to be gray, but I forgot about that when I started colouring xD

I finally, after struggling for months, managed to pick up a pen and draw something! They are just random quick doodles, but it’s something 😀 I hope next time will come easier now 🙂


Sometimes laziness wins… 28. January 2017

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with sour cream

 Vanilla quark with a banana

 Red curry with tofu and mushrooms with rice, chicken and veggie fresh spring rolls from a place called Konteiner

 Tea and Kalev Musi chocolate (dark chocolate with strawberry and chilipepper)

Sometimes I get days when I feel good, but I simply don’t want to do anything. Today was one of these days. I forced myself to get some things done, even went out and got groceries for dinner, but when it was time to cook said dinner I was all ughhhh nope, not today, don’t wanna! So, we ordered food from a restaurant. I felt guilty about wasting money on take-out, but at the same time I was so relieved I didn’t have to cook xD