Cool things I found while wasting time online #26

This is a post of interesting things I’ve found online (and sometimes offline). These things may include among others: recipes, fandom stuff, interesting articles or artwork. I tried doing this post weekly, but sometimes I was too busy to surf the web or simply didn’t find anything noteworthy the entire week, so now I will post this whenever I finally have something to share 😛

  • Salvador Dali’s Toffee With Pine Cones. My first reaction to the title was bewilderment as I had always thought that actual pine cones weren’t edible, but it turns out that the recipe calls for pine nuts instead which makes so much more sense :p It seems like a fun and differently tasting candy snack idea.
  • This Goulash Soup makes my mouth water just by looking at the photos illustrating the recipe. I want to eat this so badly!
  • An interesting article about “clean eating” and why most things it claims to achieve for you doesn’t actually happen. It’s not that I don’t believe in trying to eat healthy, whatever that actually means then, it’s just that any diet taken to  extreme can do more harm than good, no matter how “healthy” it’s promoted to be.
  • I need this Spider-Man shirt, because the slogan is true! 😀
  • Aww Sanrio’s new character, Aggretsuko,  is adorable and I can so relate to her having been an office worker myself before 😀
  • This Creamy Chicken and Asparagus Bake sounds so good! I wish asparagus was in season so I could make it *drools*
  • Kickin’ Jambalaya with Cauliflower Rice. I am kind of done with cauliflower right now, after that delicious but awfully smelly soup I made, but wow, doesn’t this dish just sound absolutely delicious?
  • I want it  to get colder again and snow outside and then I want to make this Instant Pot Chicken Paprika to warm the heart 😀
  • Also, do you like the new decoration in my kitchen? Yay for Spideypool 😛

Drop me a line or two if you liked or found anything interesting in my choices as well 😀

2 thoughts on “Cool things I found while wasting time online #26

  1. E-Gusta says:

    I really enjoyed that article on clean eating. I have had phases in my life (many of which I blogged!) where I have tried to ‘clean up’ my diet, and the only result was that it fed into my whole binge eating – starvation cycle that made my relationship with food and myself very very unhealthy indeed.

    My current approach is to relearn how to eat by actually eating good, nourishing, mostly home-made food. No fads. Just food. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • annika says:

      Yes, I have attempted the same thing, to “clean up” my diet and it only ended in feeling bad about myself when I failed and then binge eating out of frustration :s

      I am trying to follow a similar approach to yours now. Try to cook a lot myself and everything in moderation!

      Liked by 1 person

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