Seeing a doctor… 7. February 2017

 Rice cereal (+ a handful of puffed honey wheat on top) with milk and a cup of coffee

 An omelette with ham and a piece of baked fish

 Wheat crackers with mashed avocado and radish; chicken soup with sour cream

 Had some of this milk chocolate with raspberries

I finally had my long-awaited doctor’s appointment (I had to wait over 3 months for this) and I think it went well. I got an initial diagnosis and extra medication to combat some of the symptoms the other meds seem to be ignoring. I hope the new meds will work as good as the previous ones have been. I’m going to have a check-up in the beginning of April to see if the new meds are working the way they are supposed to and then in May I am seeing a therapy doctor for analysis and to set up a treatment plan. Quite long waiting times again, but I guess it’s better than no appointments at all. I need to be patient with all of this and not give up just because things are moving too slow.

I felt absolutely exhausted after the appointment, so I went back home and slept for a few hours. Well, before that I popped into the store and bought myself a new book (Tove Jansson’s biography) to raise my mood and the baked fish pictured above as a treat.

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