Another job interview… 13. February 2017

 Scrambled eggs with roast pork and some pickled cucumbers + a cup of coffee. I only ate about half of the food, because I felt queasy and lost my appetite. Boyfriend finished it up for me.

 Jeriska’s Chips Balsamico vinegar potato chips. Ate about half the bag and then fell asleep on top of the rest of the bag on the couch.

 Celery risotto with a slice of cheese and some pickled cucumber. Again, didn’t finish this all. I’m not sure what is this with loosing appetite, it’s not the first day this has happened either, but before I just shrugged it off. Now it’s getting weird, because I don’t loose my appetite, on the contrary, I want to eat too much when I am stressed.

So, I had another job interview in the morning at another coffee shop. However, it turned out, when I got there, that the place is partly a bar and the barista is also expected to be a bartender. And I don’t want to work in a bar. It’s funny how I didn’t get that vibe from their facebook page at all and I did go through all their info, pictures and reviews. I guess I really should visit all the places before I apply for work in them, it would certainly help to avoid similar blunders the next time.

Also, why is it acceptable to not want to work in a bar for religious reasons, but not because your experience with it wasn’t agreeable to you and you simply don’t want to again? Just something that really rubbed me the wrong way during the interview.

So yeah, I was bummed about the interview. Came home, ate some chips, took a nap, my cats woke me up with a screaming fest. Life goes on.

Bought some lottery tickets and paid my gym subscription again after what… 4 months? Right after paying the gym, I noticed an acquaintance posting on their facebook page about their gym subscription and the group trainings they go to and turns out that she now goes to the same gym and frequents similar trainings than I used to. My first reaction was: fuck, I need to find a new gym. Because in my head I am still in middle school and being laughed at during PE classes. And I know nothing like that would ever happen in the gym now (probably?), but my instant reaction is that if someone I knew would see me exercising, they would make fun of me, because that is exactly what happened to me every time when I was younger. This is why I have an issue with exercising in “public…” It’s something I do only when I am home alone or in an “anonymous” group in the gym.

Anyhow, I agonized for a few hours over the fact that I might run into someone I know in the gym and they may even end up in the same training session with me (and thus see me sweat and look ridiculous?), but then decided to just try and get over myself. So, no new gym for me (mostly, because there could be familiar people in every gym and what then?). I’m still hoping I’m never going to actually see her there.

Welcome to my head. It’s full of issues.

3 thoughts on “Another job interview… 13. February 2017

  1. says:

    I am sorry the job didn’t turn out to be something you wanted, but at least you had an interview. You are in control of what you accept or don’t accept and it is nobody’s business as to why you didn’t want it. I had to laugh when you said you didn’t want anyone to see you sweat. That’s one reason I don’t go to the gym anymore. Still wishing you luck with the job search.

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    • annika says:

      Thank you, I do need the luck 🙂 I see no point of accepting a job you are not comfortable with doing and I intend to stick with that thought, even though my unemployment agent is becoming increasingly angrier with me for being so inflexible in that regard.

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