Trial day… 3. March 2017

 Corn cereal with milk

 Cheese balls with dip @ Koloniaal

 Pumpkin soup with hemp seed and juniper rye bread @ Koloniaal

 Lentil soup with sour cream

 Coffee and a cherry pastry

I had a trial workday at the café/bakery/grocery store and it went well. I was quite overwhelmed with all of the new things I had to remember, but I think I did alright for a complete newbie 🙂 Also some of my coffee making knowledge is outdated and I need to learn some new stuff too, because the last time I was manning a coffee making station, there were no such things as flat whites and even the word americano was a very foreign concept. It’s cool tho, I love coffee and am keen on improving in that front.

I guess I’m getting the job as I was invited back on Monday to learn the morning opening procedures for the place. Welp, keeping my fingers crossed that it all will go smoothly and that I will not fuck up anything by accident. I am already wary of the chemex pot, because I’m afraid to break it xD I probably wouldn’t be this afraid of breaking it if I hadn’t been warned not to do it xD Oh boy, I hope I will get used to everything quickly and won’t worry so much anymore xD

It’s a cool place though and I am looking forward to working there 🙂

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