Music… 6. March 2017

 Take A Bite energy bar as a quick breakfast

 Battered pork, fried potatoes and warm salad @ Koloniaal

 A strawberry-banana smoothie @ Braavo while I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish up in the gym

 Two chicken pastries and meatball soup with sour cream

7 thoughts on “Music… 6. March 2017

    • annika says:

      It was quite delicious 🙂
      I imagine it would be easy to make one, considering that all the ingredients are listed right at the front xD Might be tricky however to get the rations right maybe?

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      • elle says:

        Yeah, I would have to experiment with the ratios. Do you have Larabars over there? They sound pretty similar. I absolutely adore them, and they’re also pretty easy to make at home with two or three ingredients like dates, peanuts, and shredded coconut!


        • annika says:

          Nope, we don’t get Lärabars a round here. Closest I have seen them is Sweden xD But family and friends have occasionally sent me a Lärabar or two from the States 🙂

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    • annika says:

      To be honest, this was a soup made of things I needed to use up in the pantry 😀 Just some potato, rice, carrot, arugula and frozen meatballs with some seasoning.


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