Needles and x-rays… 30. March 2017

 French fries from McDonalds

 Buckwheat flake porridge with ham and butter

 Japanese style minced meat and tomato curry with rice

I had a couple of doctor’s appointments in the morning where I got poked and x-rayed. It’s something you must get done when you get a job that involves food and dealing with people. Since I went out without breakfast, I started feeling quite queasy on my way to get my chest x-rayed, so that explains the fries I got from McDo. I’m sure I could have found a healthier option from the nearby gas station, but half of my brain usually shuts down when I am feeling hungry and/or sick, so the cravings usually win in these scenarios xD

March Snow

We woke up to a surprise of snow this morning. It had been getting more and more spring-like around here, leaves sprouting and spring flowers starting to bloom, so the snow covered view outdoors was very unexpected. However, in a way, it was kind of magical and beautiful. A different kind of wonderland.

The last photo is of the beautiful tulips my boyfriend brought me for our anniversary ♥ They form a beautiful colourful contrast against the white view that opens from the window.