Kalamaja Street Festival Day 2 and Tõun… 21. May 2017

 A banana. The sausage on the sandwich tasted funny, so I didn’t eat it.

 Yoghurt cake I shared with my bf

 Matcha-black sesame seed ice cream by LaMuu. So effing good!

 Beef burgers


It was the second day of the Kalamaja Street Festival when many people open a temporary café or an event venue in their garden. We had a great time strolling around with my boyfriend, checking out the different cafés, concerts and whatnot. I decided to wear pretty shoes that I hadn’t worn for years, so I got blisters all over my feet xD

Later in the evening, my boyfriend dropped me off at Koloniaal, so I could help them out with their festival event. We had Tõnu Timm aka Tõun playing live music in the café. It was really nice 😀


 Dog “schnapps”

 Cool window



 Atmosphere 😀

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