Hiatus until I fix this

Well, hello, dear visitors! The photo hosting service, I used, went crazy and disabled third party image sharing unless you pay them 400 dollars a year. That, however, is way too expensive to spend on a personal blog… so right now, I have about 8 years worth of blog posts with no photos showing up. Talk about fucking depressing. I was so angry and sad when I discovered this.

First, I thought: fuck this! I’ll just delete my blog altogether. I have absolutely no desire or energy to deal with this shit!

but… I have put time and effort into this blog for the past eight years, there are memories here, and I am not sure I could deal with it all simply disappearing.

So, this blog is on a break until I manage to find another photo hosting service that is acceptable both in function and affordability wise and until I figure out how to move my image database from the old crap hole to the new site. I also need to figure out how to update all the image links… it would suck if I had to do it all manually x_X Anyway…

Hopefully I will see you all soon!