Dooger coffee… 26. October 2017

 Nuts and berries in dark chocolate and a cup of coffee.

 Solyanka soup.

 Rice with cabbage, tuna, soy sauce and sour cream.

 Buckwheat pasta with vegetables.

 Dodger Coffee Co. coffee 😀 I mean when your favourite youtuber/streamer creates her own coffee company, then you naturally buy the coffee and make your poor cat pose with the pack xD

Tacos!… 25. October 2017

 Barebells caramel cashew protein bar. This was disgusting, I managed to eat about half and threw the rest away. When do I learn not to pick up stuff that has the word “protein” on them? Had a cup of coffee tho.

 Banana-quark pastry.

 Potato casserole and some salad.

 Tacos @ Josie’s place. Also ate a bunch of carrots.

I was utterly fed up after work, so it was a nice change to chill at Josie’s for a few hours with good food. I watched people play Catan again xD