Is this a marker of some sort?… 17. December 2017

We ran some errands with the boyfriend in the morning. Went to an art flea market, so I could buy a cute puppy a gift. Then had breakfast at Kivi Paber Käärid:

 I had a seafood soup and some fries. Boyfriend had a beef burger on a cauliflower steak and also some fries. He looks so happy over his food, doesn’t he? :p

Then we went and bought some holiday presents and… A BLANKET! Are we adults now? We have been living together for over 6 years and we just bought our first blanket. Until then we used a hand-me-down from my parents that is probably older than my sister who turned 18 this year xD

Anyway, dinner was at my parent’s house, to celebrate my dad’s birthday:

 Baked white fish, some boiled potatoes, marinated cucumber, marinated garlic and a sandwich with fish salad.