[coffee.] Dodger Coffee Co Original Coffee Beans

Let’s kick this new segment of my blog off with coffee beans from my favourite youtuber/twitch streamer/cat mom/coffee mug queen Dodger. I’ve been following her vlogs and gaming for years now and when she announced she was going to start a coffee company, well, naturally I had to buy some coffee beans 😀

About the coffee in general:

    • Blend origins – Marcala, Honduras. Chiapas, Mexico. Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
    • Roasted by – Foxtail Coffee Company
    • Flavour notes – cocoa, caramel and peanut.
    • Recommended brewing method – French press.

Firstly, the package: I love the package design quite a bit and how functional the bag is. It’s easily tightly resealable, keeping the coffee fresh much longer than some other coffee packages I’ve come across. Very A+!

When I picture a great cup of coffee I think of sitting with my friends in an old diner after a great night. That’s why we made Dodger Coffee Co, to have the perfect coffee for friends to share.

Introduction on the package: Dodger Coffee Co Original Coffee Beans are a modern take on American Diner Coffee. Made from responsibly, ethically, and sustainably sourced beans from small farms in Honduras, Mexico, and Ethiopia and roasted in small batches by craft roasters in the US, the Original flavour is a dark smooth roast, low in acidity with hints of cocoa, caramel, and peanut tastes. Enjoy this bold coffee with friends anytime.

Secondly, the coffee:
Brewing method – drip coffee machine. Yes, I know the recommended brewing method was French press, but after rediscovering drip coffee, I am finding a hard time going back to the French press. Perhaps in the future I will endeavour to attempt the recommended brewing methods on the packages, but for now, I love my drip coffee machine ;-; It gives me good coffee, don’t judge!

I have never been to America, so I have never been to an authentic American diner to know what their coffee is like, but I do have an active imagination. When I close my eyes, take a sip of this coffee, I can almost hear Dale Cooper exclaiming: “You know, this is – excuse me – a damn fine cup of coffee!” When I think of diners, I automatically think of Twin Peaks, it’s just how it is.

To me, the taste is very strong but smooth, slightly caramel-y, with a strong aftertaste of dark cocoa. The aftertaste of this coffee is quite long lasting, so I can nurse one cup of coffee for quite a while. Very enjoyable. I kind of imagine that the actual diner coffee, this one is based on, tastes just like this but burnt xD

I am not a fast drinker, so when I make myself a big mug of coffee, about half of it usually goes cold. Some coffees do not taste nice when they have gone cold, but this one is still very enjoyable even when cooled down.

I also gave it a go on ye olde V60 dripper at work, which gave out a slightly stronger flavour than the drip machine. I would say both brewing methods worked well for these beans and I quite enjoyed both experiences.

Would I buy/drink this coffee again? Definitely! I am already planning to order a new bag soon.

Find Dodger on twitch, youtube, twitter.
Dodger Coffee Co website.

More coffees I have tasted.

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