The issue with sauce… 7. February 2018

 Lemon quark and coffee.

 Pork cutlet with buckwheat and salad.

I had a fight with the chef, because he wanted to serve this dish with a small dollop of mayonnaise dip sauce, like he usually does with daily specials, but what the actual fuck?!?! Buckwheat should be served with warm sauce, not some cold mayo dip. In general, Estonians, I believe, are used to eating their dishes with warm sauces and that especially during winter time. A dip sauce is not a proper sauce! Cold sauces are more of a summer thing anyway; they are not something you want to have on your food sides during winter when it’s cold. At first he got angry with me that I asked for a warm sauce, but eventually made some. Also it’s really really lame when your daily special always comes with the same exact sauce… I am quite sure our regulars are dead tired of it by now.

 Pasta with minced meat and sour cream.

 Coffee and a semla from Pagarini. The semla was decent.