Sickness from hell… 18. April 2018

 Coffee, a banana and some Anpanman chocolate cookies.

 Coffee, fries and chicken quesadillas @ The Living Room Café.

So, I woke up feeling fine, had some breakfast and then went to a pilates class. After the workout I started feeling queasy, so I thought I might need to eat some more. It had been several hours since I had breakfast anyway. I went to The Living Room Café and had some amazing coffee and food, but I didn’t start feeling any better at all… I had to get to my therapist appointment soon, so I took the bus, but started feeling REALLY bad during the ride. I managed to storm out in one stop and vomited all over the bus stop :/ A nice girl stopped and asked me if I needed any help. I kept apologising to her in between vomiting like a crazy person… I mean, it was just really embarrassing. She gave me some tissues, so I could wipe myself down and I went to the nearby gas station to get some water and clean myself up.

After that ordeal I felt significantly better and managed to get through my psychiatrist appointment without hassle. Sadly, the illness or food poisoning or whatever the heck it was, was not over, so I ended up vomiting another several times throughout the day. Thankfully I was at home by then and not in a public space anymore.

There is an angry Russian boi in my tea… 17. April 2018

 Coffee, potato-carrot soup with sour cream.

 Chickpea-lentil curry with yoghurt.

 A grilled sandwich with ham, cheese and tomato; chickpea-lentil curry with minced beef and sour cream.

 Tea, Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim eggs, a maple biscuit and a tea flavoured biscuit. The chocolate eggs were a bit meh, but both of the cookies were delicious.