Ol’ Nobody and Big Wee Hag

My friend Johanna held a costume party for her birthday. The theme was Favourite Book Character. My initial thoughts were all in the lines of my beloved Marvel characters like Deadpool, Spider-man or Loki (comic books are books too!), but let’s face it, I really don’t have the physique to play a superhero. Unless I play Pandapool, but no xD

So I chose Tiffany Aching from Terry Pratchett’s “The Wee Free Men,” because firstly, it felt doable, and secondly, because I really liked that book and the characters when I read it years ago. My own getup was pretty easy… or so I thought. Finding a blue dress and getting a frying pan from the cupboard were simple but finding a suitable apron in this day and age was not simple at all. Eventually the apron turned out to be the hardest part of the entire costume. The apron I finally found was not perfect, but it did the job I guess.

I thought it would be great if I had a Nac Mac Feegle accompany me to the party, so I turned an old Kinder Surprise egg Smurf toy into one 😀

This is what the Smurf looked like, before I started cutting and gluing stuff. I shamelessly stole this pic off Ebay however, as I forgot to take my own photo 😦

I named him Ol’ Nobody 😀

Isn’t he charming?


Lovely sunshine, good huntin’, nice pretty flowers, and wee burdies goin’ cheep!

I haven’t put this much effort into a costume in forever. It was super fun. So I am hoping my friends will hold more costume parties in the future, so I could put together more costumes and play dress up again 😀

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