My Year in Music According to Spotify (2018)

This summary is kind of funny to me. It doesn’t surprise me that Dir en grey and Die Antwoord are in my top artists, because I did listen to them a lot. All fine and dandy.

Hiromitsu Agatsuma and Spangle Call Lilli Line, both nice in their own way, are mostly in this list because they were convenient to play in the café I worked in in the beginning of the year.

Mother Nature Sounds however… xD As you can see, all my top songs are basically rain and thunder sounds xD And why is that? It’s because I find rain and thunder extremely relaxing, so when I can’t sleep or am feeling awful, I often put a playlist of such sounds to play in the background. When I had thrombosis in my shoulder in the beginning of the year and couldn’t work, I think I went for an entire week with rain sounds splattering from the speakers to keep me calm. It’s kind of really zen for me.

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