I have been on a Moomins kick lately. I just love that world and many of the characters so much.

I doodled a bit, making up my own character in the style of Tove Jansson. I call her Mora. Her dress was supposed to be gray, but I forgot about that when I started colouring xD

I finally, after struggling for months, managed to pick up a pen and draw something! They are just random quick doodles, but it’s something 😀 I hope next time will come easier now 🙂


Day 1 – The meaning of your blog name

Okay, let’s try something different for a change in this blog. For the next 30 days I will be writing a bit on different subjects about myself on this blog just for fun and for writing practice. I got this idea from Klari who in turn got it from a blog she reads- Rohelise Südamega Tüdruk. The original challenge list is in Estonian and I don’t think I will follow the list to a dot, because some of the topics don’t really resonate with me in any way, so I might switch them out for something original.

So, let’s get started. First of all, my blog url- roadwaffle. I got this name from an old webcominc, I used to read years ago, called Road Waffles on Keenspot. I vaguely remember the plot now, but mostly it was about a woman and a guy going on a strange road trip where they meet a lot of weird people who then get killed off in funny and gruesome ways. This was way over 10 years ago, so bear with me, ok? Sadly, the webcomic seems to be gone now, at least all I can see are a lot of broken images on that page. Thankfully, I had the most explanatory strip from the comic saved up in my photobucket:

 photo roadwaffle.jpg

It’s a gruesome concept, but I really found it hilariously funny at the time and still do I guess, considering I have stuck to the name. To me it had the idea that life is pretty darn funny, but at the same time can be unexpectedly terrible. Sometimes it’s funny just because it’s horrible. Just like the idea of a road waffle: it’s terrible when a bunny gets run over by a car, but hey, look! It now looks like a morbid little waffle! Aww! Does that make sense? It makes to me xD Life is like that fucking car and I am the road waffle.

Over the years, roadwaffle became my main internet alias. I’ve had to alter it to roadwafflez sometimes when the name has already been taken, but it hasn’t happened often. Strangely enough, most of these accounts that have stolen my nickname have been inactive or disabled accounts.

I also designed my artist logo after the concept when I decided to present my art under that pseudonym:

Tulen loobin su katusele kive! – It means “I’ll come and throw rocks on your roof!” This comes from a story we were told in uni about a Japanese writer named Osamu Dazai. Dazai was upset when he didn’t win the Akutagawa prize for his writing and that he couldn’t enter the competition for the second time, so he angrily went and threw rocks on the roof of the house where the person lived that had denied his entry to the competition. Or something like that. We found this guy hilarious! It became kind of an inside joke with my school friends, telling each other after exams and such that we would go and throw rocks at the teachers roof if they should fail us. For a while, we threatened to throw rocks at different roofs if ANYTHING at all should go wrong. Miss the bus, eugh, I will go throw rocks at the bus station roof! Have a bad day at work, eugh, I will go throw rocks at my manager/boss’s roof! And so on :p I kind of still feel this way sometimes. I’m not sure why I chose the phrase to be the main title of my blog, but it kind of fits I suppose.

Speaking of Dazai a bit more, this guy was epic. Especially how he constantly failed to kill himself. One time, he tried to hang himself and the rope broke, so no death. One case was where he tried drown himself together with his girlfriend, but he ended up getting rescued whilst his girlfriend drowned. Then he tried a double suicide with his wife by taking lots of sleeping pills, but they both live and decide to split up after that. And I believe at some point he had agreed with a friend to commit double suicide together, but either he or his friend was late to their meeting place due to a doctor’s appointment, so the thing was called off. I think it was Dazai to whom the last episode happened at least. (edit: Nope, I made a mistake, this happened to Arishima Takeo instead) He did eventually manage to drown himself with his then wife. Good job!

Do you know me? – The subtitle is a jab at myself after a comment from my mother that my blog was boring. I do try to write more these days, but for several years my blog mostly consisted of photos of food with post titles that seemingly had no connection to the post itself. I was trying to blog and make a connection with potential people reading, but at the same time I wasn’t really giving people anything to stick around. So the question was sort of a challenge: do you know me? Do you know what’s behind the photos and the cryptic titles and do you know who I am without me blaring your head off about myself. But at the same time, it’s still a jab at myself, because I was feeling lonely and didn’t really know how to connect with anyone online anymore, because I guess I didn’t really know myself at the time or what I wanted to do. Also, it’s an addition to the entire rock throwing title. Do you know me? Well, doesn’t matter, I’ll come throw rocks on your roof! Or. I’ll come throw rocks on your roof! Do you know who I am and why I do this?

In hindsight, these titles make no sense for a mostly food blog, but I like them and I am not going to change them after so many years. Also, yes, the url for this particular mostly food related blog does in fact mean road kill. I think I’m somewhat of a morbid person.

And since I’ve been on a Miyavi kick thanks to Klari, then here is one of my favorite songs of his: