Raid and dreams and Kiki… 14-15. January 2017

14. January

 Garlic pork, fried potatoes, salad with zucchini

 A banana



It was raid night with my guild on Rift. So much inappropriate fun ♥

Also, dreams: I dreamed that I applied for a ticket seller job at Tallinn Zoo, but was terribly late for the interview, because I was looking for the main office inside the zoo, but it turned out that it was actually a few streets away from the place. It was awfully embarrassing when I finally got there and the people interviewing me were not too impressed at me keeping them waiting for over an hour. I don’t think I got the job.

15. January

 A banana, cocoa pudding and a cup of coffee

 Sushi! Mostly with salted salmon, cucumber and avocado.
(Thanks, Josie, for the photo. I was a forgetful goose and didn’t take a photo myself. Unbelievable, but sometimes that still can happen.)

 Delicious red velvet cake

Josie came for a visit and brought cake 😀 I made sushi and we watched “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” which was a charming, but silly little movie. It was a really fun day 🙂

Otherwise I was weirdly tired and sleepy the entire day. I napped for an hour before Josie arrived and when she left after the movie I fell asleep for another 2 hours. I just couldn’t stay awake for some reason.

2 random days… 12-13. January 2017

12. January

 Rice cereal with milk and a cup of coffee

 Pukupuku Tai “cookie”. It was delicious 🙂

 Noodles of frustration. I attempted to write that day and couldn’t even open the Word document again, so it all ended up in tears and cooking noodles.

 Vegetable soup (potato, carrot, cauliflower) with leafy greens and nuts/seeds

 Some assorted Tirol chocolates and a cup of tea

Dreams last night involved: My little brother ice skating and wearing a hairclip with pink roses in his hair while doing so.

13. January

 Coffee and a sausage sandwich

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with sour cream

 Some garlic pork, boiled potatoes with herb butter and salad with zucchini

 Tea and some Reese’s peanut butter cups that my sis brought me. I shared the  sweets with my bf.

I had a long walk during the day, then I cleaned the entire apartment and cooked dinner. I’d say it was good day.

Dreams… 11. January 2017

 Two sandwiches with chocolate spread and a persimmon

 Tea and two sausage sandwiches

 Vegetable soup (potato, carrot, cauliflower) with leafy greens and seeds

 A sausage sandwich with some leftover salad from yesterday

Dreams last night involved: Lumi’s puppies; My grandparents had built many log cabins on their property for tourists. The cabins were kind of rickety and I was afraid being in them, because they creaked and wavered; I was given a huge painting station as a gift. It had a built-in easel and drawers for painting supplies. My heart was hurting so much, because I had this amazing working place now but I had lost my ability to do any art; And all the time there was a big party happening. People occasionally went to see my dad’s motorcycle club members, who were sitting amongst themselves, to trade their Rock beers for Alexander beers.

Bad luck… 6. January 2017

 Chicken and peanut stew with rice and a round bread called Lapileib

 A slice of apple chocolate brownie with tahini

 Spaghetti with minced meat sauce and some salad

 Pumpkin seed sepik with chocolate spread and some tea

Last night’s dreams involved, among other things, me trying to stream a boring match three bubble game on twitch, falling in a field full of water and losing my camera and camera lens, being attacked by an ostrich. Heh.

I went to a different grocery store today, because they have a decent meat and fish counter where they’ll package you the exact amount of stuff you want. My local store only sells pre-packaged meats, so usually when I would buy minced meat from there I would have to buy two plastic boxes of it. I figured getting one plastic bag instead or two huge boxes would be a better option, so I took a short bus ride to get the groceries. However, when I got home and started making sauce with the meat, at the very last step I added in some milk… and the milk curdled D: The sauce was ruined and inedible. There was nothing else to do, Indrek and his sister’s son went to the local store and got the plastic boxed minced meat 😦 So much for trying to reduce garbage, I ended up producing double. Eh. Just bad luck. And it was really odd with the milk too, it still had 4 days until its expiration date 😦

I feel I am having such epic first world problems right now.

Junky foods, kitty, a good movie and a dream… 25-26. September 2016

25. September

 Pear halva cake.

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles.

 An apple.

 Vegetable gratin, toasted rye bread and some pumpkin juice.

 Boyfriend took a nice photo of Loki.

26. September

 Oatmeal porridge with different seeds and some honey.

 Fried sausages and tom yum flavoured instant noodles.

 Raspberry lemonade @ Mack Bar-B-Que

 Fried chicken with guacamole

 Pulled pork pizza. I only had about half a slice, because the pizza turned out to be extremely sweet tasting and it was disgusting.

 I ate some fries instead. They were overseasoned and too salty 😦

We went to see “The Magnificent Seven” in the evening. I had no expectations for the movie, because it wasn’t a movie I had particularly wanted to see in the first place. I ended up enjoying the movie a lot. It had fantastic characters and a pretty straightforward storyline which was good. Honestly, I fell in love with ALL of the characters, even though most of them were pretty awful people. I bet the social justice warriors are giving this movie a lot of flak due to blatant racism in it etc, but in my eyes it was the most racially diverse movie with a strong female character I had seen for ages. I was also surprised later that the movie had managed to avoid so many clichés this type of movies usually have. The most notable missing clichés were flashbacks and a corny romance storyline. So if you want to watch something action packed and fun with great characters, I really recommend this western.

Also, Chris Pratt’s smug face for the win! 😀 I had a dream about him kissing me the following night xD Unfortunately the dream me is still faithful to my boyfriend, so I rejected him xD What the heck of a dream was that!?!?

Spider-Calvin and Deadpool-Hobbes… 1. April 2016

 Coffee and some chocolate

 A banana

 Some salt and pepper potato chips

 I made soured milk pancakes with peanut butter chips in them. They turned out so good!

 Spaghetti with spicy chicken sauce

Tea and Maiasmokk Cherry Chocolate. Only had a couple of pieces of the chocolate, because it wasn’t very good at all. I prefer their cherries in chocolate, because there is less of the chocolate and more cherries.


I had a dream where Calvin from the comic “Calvin and Hobbes,” grew up to be Spider-Man and people thought he was a bit crazy, because he kept talking to his invisible friend. Hobbes in turn had “grown up” to become kind of murderous and volatile, so he was somewhat Deadpool like… just a giant vicious tiger looking kind. So yeah, in my dream Spider-Man had a very deadly imaginary friend xD

A low point

I have not been doing well, which also means I have not been eating properly. There has been too much bad food and a lot of it on the worst moments. I’ve taken photos of most of what I have eaten, but going through the photos now, I don’t feel like posting them. It would be an honest thing to do I suppose, but… I don’t want to upset myself again, because it hasn’t been this bad for years. Does that make sense?

So instead, I will put here some of the prettier photos that I simply like or that show the food that I was feeling happy about.

Eating disorders suck, people. So does stress.

But I’m trying to get back on track again. Wish me luck.


 I tried making apple-cinnamon buns for the first time. Not sure why the recipe told me to put them into muffin cups to be honest, because the paper stuck to the buns and was a pain to get off. Maybe I did something wrong, I’m not very good at baking.

 Oatmeal porridge (made with rice milk) with some honey

 Beef stew with cheese

 Chocolate pencils

 Breaded fried fish. It had a shrimp and herb filling.

 Karl Fazer New York Iced Coffee & Mudcake milk chocolate. This chocolate was absolutely fantastic.

 Raspberry walnut brownies. Super delicious combination. Recipe from here.

 A peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich and a cup of coffee

 Chicken karaage with spicy sauce @ Tokumaru

 Sushi @ Tokumaru

 A giant kinder Surprise

 Got a Peanuts themed toy from the giant chocolate egg. It was a bunch of rubbing stamps (you know, you put a paper over them and colour over them to reveal a picture?) and the dog house was a container for them.

 Potato and tomato casserole

 Yellow kiwifruit, a banana and coffee

 Chicken chimicahngas with homemade guacamole, some sour cream, lettuce and tomato. So greasy, but so good!

 We had chimichangas the next evening as well, because there were so many leftovers.

 Torotto maple syrup chocolates. These were yummy.

 Toasted pumpkin bread with mashed avocado

 Karl Fazer London Toffee Rocsk & Salty Cookie milk chocolate. This was good too, but I liked the other one better.

 Miso soup with shiitake, wakame and mochi slices

 Homemade poutine with mozzarella cheese, chicken and some tomato

 Coffee and mochi (black sesame, azuki bean paste and peanut butter filled)


I’ve also been meaning to write about a dream I had a while back. In that dream the light side of the force was attempting to breed the perfect Jedi, which meant they needed a perfect mindless puppet that would do exactly what they wanted it to. They were genetically engineering the Jedi and the last batch was a promising bunch, especially this one super dark skinned man. However, in the last stage of the training, the Jedi started showing unfavourable traits in his personality that made him imperfect. Among these signs were that he decided a lecture to be too boring for him and fell asleep (he was never supposed to do anything like that!), he playfully slapped a fellow Jedi’s bum and that was showing friendship which they were not supposed to have (they were supposed to be logical, not emotional), and when they were given energy cubes for sustenance, he liked to squish his flat between his fingers before popping it into his mouth (he was supposed to follow orders and that was a sign of reckless self-thinking). So the Jedi council deemed him defective and wanted to send him to be burned, because that’s what they did with the failed experiments. The guy however thought: “Fuck this!” and escaped.

This was very troublesome, so the Jedi council called in James T. Kirk to find him and bring him back to be destroyed. Kirk hurried back to the Enterprise, ordering his crew to be ready to take off immediately… but Spock and Uhura were missing. Apparently they were currently in the middle of a meeting with a social worker, because they wanted to adopt a child together. They already had a an adoptive daughter, maybe 10 years old. The little dark skinned girl had this skin condition where blotches of her skin were white (vitiligo). She was playing in a pillow fort near her parents while they had the meeting with the social worker.

The social worker was saying that since both Spock and Uhura had passed all the requirements with flying colours, she would accept their application to adopt another child. Uhura was overjoyed, hugged Spock and then excitedly ran to the pillow fort, pulled back the blanket covering it and lay down to hug her daughter exclaiming: “You will have a baby brother!” When she had pulled off the blanked from the fort, it revealed that the girl had been playing with some sort of tiny creatures in there that looked like a cross between an English bulldog puppy and a slug. The social worker was horrified, she stood up and screamed: “Oh my god, these things are disgusting! They are horrible and you must be horrible people to have these in your quarters! No way will I let you adopt another child and I will take away your daughter!” Uhura was shocked and tried to reason with the social worker, but she was hysterical. Spock just sat there.

That was an odd dream.

Gross dreams… 10. November 2015

 Café latte, a delicious and fluffy oven omelette with rye bread, bacon and tomato @ Kohvik Boheem

 A Kinder Surprise. I got some boring water spray out of it.

 Tuna and cucumber rice salad; miso soup with eggs and bok choy.


Got my blood test results back from the doctor. Everything was in order mostly. There was some fluctuation with some thyroid parameters, but the doctor thought it was nothing to worry about as all the other thyroid related things were in the norm.

Apparently I’ve also managed to get rid of my iron-deficiency anemia which is great. I suppose it’s thanks to eating more beef?

I do however have a huge vitamin D deficiency which, to be honest, is no big surprise. Most people in Estonia have that and I suppose I’m even worse off with my indoorsy life style. I got some supplements from the drug store and I guess I need to make an effort to eat more fish.

I get the last of the results tomorrow.

After the doctor’s appointment I had breakfast at a local café, did some second-hand store rounds and overall walked about 6 km. I think I did good.

I also had a very weird dream lately.
Warning! Don’t read on if you are easily grossed out (I put it under the cut just in case).

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in which Tony Stark and Captain America survive a car crash

So, I had the weirdest dream last night. I can’t recall all of it and to be honest I don’t even know what the entire point was at that moment, but there was this huge chase… I mean half of the Avengers + myself and, for some obscure reason, one of my grandmothers… I can’t even remember whom we were chasing. But there was Tony Stark (not wearing his Iron Man armour) in a huge grey convertible car, speeding like crazy on a busy highway that ran in the middle of a meadow where sheep were grazing. And then there was Captain America (in costume without the hood/mask) on some sort of air bike. Suddenly there was a huge explosion/crash with something and Tony’s car flew up in the air and collided with the Captains air bike knocking him off of it. Tony was madly clinging to the steering wheel and the Captain, who managed to grab a hold of the cars window wiper, was looking like he was on a rodeo while the burning car was spinning in the air.

Finally the car hit the ground and both Tony and the Captain managed to get away from it fairly unscratched. Well, they were pretty roughed up and bleeding slightly, but nothing too serious. So Tony was laying there on the ground, looking rather tired and unbelieving that he just survived that, when suddenly the Captain straddled him exclaiming: “Wasn’t that just the craziest thing you have ever done?” and then proceeded to kiss Tony senseless in an adrenaline induced high. That part of the dream was rather long and intense to be honest xD

After they broke from the kiss, the Captain said something really weird while staring down at baffled Tony… I don’t remember what exactly he said, but Tony looked at him with a pretty surprised and unbelieving face and asked: “Did you just quote Mitt Romney?”
The Captain started laughing and lay down next to… well half way on top of Tony really… and said: “Yeah, I think I did.”
To which Tony replied with loud laughter and said: “Well, I hope he just exploded, because you saying that was fucking unreal.”

And that was that. The rest of the dream consisted of trying to catch over excited dogs and attach them to their leashes to take them for a walk and me failing to complete my math homework for school… which was pretty traumatizing yet again. None of the example problems made any sense D: