Out with a dear friend… 4. January 2018

 Coffee, a quark pastry and some grapes.

 Boiled potatoes with pork sauce and some salad.

 In the evening I met up with Anna and we had dinner and beers @ Nāganaga. I had a beetroot risotto. The food was delish, the atmosphere beautiful and the company fantastic 🙂

 Fries and more beer.


 Creepy dolls. I like creepy dolls even though they creep me out.

Fragments of Stavanger

 Mountains in the distance

 A local kitty


 Anna and the ‘vengers


 Modern troll lass

 Troll grampa



 Cutest doggo


My favourite barista ❤



 Viking art

 Listening how Thor went fishing

 An amber fetus

 Ready to pillage and plunder

 Indrek with his new chums

 In an art museum

 Christmas bling

 Going back home

29.Nov-3.Dets 2017

A rainy day hike… 11. November 2017

 Oatmeal porridge and a cup of coffee

 Tuna onigiri and coffee

 Some physalis

 Cake 😀

 Baked fish and some salad

We went for a hike around the Kakumäe peninsula to celebrate Maarja’s birthday. It was a crazy, muddy and rainy adventure, but I quite enjoyed it 😀 It would have been more enjoyable without the rain I suppose, but it was alright. Maarja kindly offered me a plastic rain coat to keep me dry :p

So we climbed over fallen trees and slid down clay heaps and then had a small picnic on the beach with onigiri, hot coffee and cake. Altogether a lovely experience.

 Indrek found a lemon

 And then we found a chili pepper

 The scenery

 It got a lot worse at parts :p

 A water dragon egg

 Tree tufts

 Rocks and roots

 Friends ♥

 Picnic time

Halloween … 31. October 2017

 Some grapes, two tangerines and a cup of coffee.

 A pancake with banana and honey.

 Blood sausages, some salad and fries with mayonnaise.

I dressed up as Gachapin for work :p Halloween is not a local holiday, but it’s gaining popularity around here, so I don’t see a reason to fight it really. It’s a good chance to have some extra fun in the year. I even got some kids trick-or-treating in the store which was adorable xD