A day at work, our anniversary and another day at work… 27-29. March 2017

Oh boy, adult life is tiring. I am still getting used to working again, so I have been even more tired lately than usual, so I have either been busy doing stuff or napping and haven’t found a moment to update my blog xD I am a weak human being compared to so many people, whom I know, who get so much more done in their days without a fuss.


27. March – Just a regular day at work. It’s tough waking up 6:30 in the morning, but at the same time I love the morning atmosphere in the café.

 Coffee, an apple and a Sakupan Choco Monaka which was cute and yummy.

 Fried egg, some bacon, sweet potato fries and salad @ Koloniaal

 Chicken soup with sour cream, rye bread with a slice of ham

28. March – I had work in the morning and in the evening, we went out on a date to an Asian fusion restaurant with my love, because it was our 7th anniversary. Lovely times were had and great food was nommed and hopefully we will have many more amazing years together 😀 Some onigiri (with feta cheese, tuna and mayo) and a cup of coffee

 Feijoada with minced meat and rice @ Koloniaal. Feijoada is a Portugese style bean stew 🙂

 Dinner @ Tai Boh. Pictured are my coconut mojito and boyfriend’s passion fruit mocktail

 Appetizers: dim sum (shrimp flavoured) and ming kham (aka one bite wraps with shrimp, peanuts and other stuff)

 Boyfriend had a lamb rack with pistachio that was absolutely delicious.

 I had tender deer bonsu which was really yummy. I’ve never eaten deer meat before properly, so it was quite an experience. I liked the taste a lot. Also, apparently bonsu refers to the part if the deer I was eating idk.

 Dessert was “silk cake” which was divine.

 I also had a cappuccino

 Camera wars 😀

 The place had a really cool wacky atmosphere

 Moosivarga nägu 😀


 Mandatory bathroom selfies :p

 Oppan Moomin style 😀

29. March – I was working the evening shift, so I got home maybe around 11pm xD Bf was sweet enough to come and pick me up from work, so I didn’t have to commute back home alone ♥

 Coffee and two cherry pastries

 Pasta Bolognese and complimentary bread @ Da Vinci

 Coffee and some zefir

 Feijoada with vegan wieners and rice @ Koloniaal. The vegan wieners tasted exactly like the real stuff to which I was surprised xD

Can I get weekend to rest from my weekend?… 10-12. March 2017

10. March, Friday

 A quark pastry and a cup of coffee

 Mashed potatoes and a grilled chicken leg

 A pita wrap with pork, some French fries and apple juice @ Pitas

 Pitas had this funny drawing on their wall 😀

We attended a Bodybalance class in the evening with my boyfriend and tried out a Greek fast food place for dinner. The food was decent for a quick meal 😀 Then we went to see “Logan,” which was a fantastic movie. It was really sad though, but I still liked it a lot.

11. March, Saturday

 Coffee, rice with tuna and furikake, a tangerine on the train

A latte @ Krempel

 Porridge with bacon and herb butter @ Krempel

 A pancake with minced meat, mushrooms and cheese + cranberry juice @ Ruunipizza

 Dinner at the Puri household: salad, red rice, baked Atlantic sturgeon, some nachos with dip.

 Strawberry cake

We took an early train to Tartu where we met up with Ly and her kids. They had a BMX race happening during the weekend and my boyfriend agreed to go and take photos of the event for her. I had zero patience for the event, so I headed out to town on my own. However, before I did that, Ly gave us her car and we went to some bike shop, so bf could try on some helmets. When we returned to the event venue, boyfriend back the car into a tree while parking, so the rear window of the car exploded. It was super scary, but luckily neither one of us was injured…. just the car.

Anyway, I left my boyfriend at the race venue and headed to the city center. I ended up walking around 15 km and most of the walking was done, because I couldn’t find a café to sit down for ages xD People in Tartu sure love their Saturday morning cafés xD So I ended up walking a lot in-between sitting in two different cafés and reading a book. I’d say it was a good day really.

We spent the evening in Kiuma where we had an awesome dinner.

12. March, Sunday

 A galette with chicken, cheese and avocado and a latte @ Crepp

 Coffee @ SÄDE

 Chocolate covered doughnuts on the train on our way home 😀

 Some carrots

 Boiled khinkali with sour cream and some salad

Sunday was a chill day on my own again. Bf went to the race venue with Ly again and I walked around Tartu, did some shopping (got some doughnuts for the ride home and found an Avengers blanket xD), had coffee and read a book in some cafés and visited the Tartu Toy Museum which was simply awesome. I didn’t mind hanging out on my own at all, it was kind of relaxing actually and I enjoyed visiting new cafés in Tartu 😀 My feet hurt from all the walking I did xD

In the evening, we took the train again back home to Tallinn. Boyfriend managed to catch a cold or some bug during the weekend, so I am hoping to avoid catching whatever he has :s

Things happened… 21. February – 2. March 2017

Things did indeed happen, some of them bad, some of them good and this is why the break in blogging happened too. I was either busy, not at home or I was simply too tired to blog and decided to take a nap instead. This post won’t have photos of all the things I ate during this time, because in my busy and tired state I simply forgot to snap some of the photos, so instead I will post some of the nicer photos. Plus, I’ll tell what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks and what some of the bad and good things were that happened.

On the 21st of February I had an appointment in the unemployment agency. I thought it went quite well at first, I had sent out a bunch of CVs to places and had attended two job interviews (one job I didn’t get, because the company decided to close their establishment instead and the second place I rejected, because it turned out to be partly a bar and I don’t want to work in a bar); Also, I named some new places where I was thinking of applying to next. Quite well done for a job searcher, right? I had shown that I am actively searching and working on finding a job. Well, apparently not, because after silently typing for a while, my agent said: “Next time you will see a new agent.”
Me: “Okay. Why?”
Her: “You are a difficult case, so you are assigned a specialized case worker.”
Me: “Okay?!??!?!?!?”

Now this wasn’t really such a big deal, but I think my old agent just flat out didn’t like me; I mean she never said anything good to me and always made me feel bad and demotivated instead. However, this still bothered me as I’ve been doing everything properly and… if *I* am a difficult case, then what are the people who are unemployed for years in the unemployment registry? To be honest, I felt upset and depressed over this for the next few days.

 A banana and a couple of rice cakes with mashed avocado (21.02.2017)

 A semla with almond cream filling and a cup of coffee (22.02.2017)

 Rice cake with cream cheese and salted trout; fried eggs and bacon, some avocado and cucumber-tomato salad (22.02.2017)

 Scrambled eggs with tomato and cucumber + some bacon (23.02.2017)

 Something new for me: sweet cottage cheese pelmeni with raspberry jam. I had never had sweet pelmeni before. (23.02.2017)

On the 24th of February, Friday, which was also the 99th birthday of Estonia (Yay!), we drove to Aidu quarry for a hike and car safari. I enjoyed the hike part a lot, but the car safari was a bit boring for me as I don’t really enjoy driving around in a car. Still, it was interesting to hear about the quarry’s history and learn about oil shale.

 The hike was like a small adventure

 It was a sunny winter day

 The canal crossing part was a bit scary, because the raft looked like it would sink any moment, but after the first group of people crossed safely it didn’t feel as frightening anymore

On Saturday, the 25th of February, we took the train to southern Estonia to visit family in Karula National Park. They had a bit of a house warming party happening. I helped Loviise to finish up cleaning, then took a nap and in the evening, there was a party with lots of food. The main dish of the evening was lamb meat that had been roasted underground. It was delicious!

 There is meat cooking under the bonfire underground

 Lamb leg with some roasted potatoes. It was heavenly good! The meat fell right off the bone.

On Sunday, the 26th of February, we spent most of the day getting back home to Tallinn. Travelling is super exhausting, but hey, at least it’s comfortable to read a book on the train.

 We ate some nice doughnuts in Tartu before catching the train

On the 27th of February, I went to the gym together with my boyfriend and the world, to my surprise, didn’t end and my boyfriend didn’t break up with me after seeing me being sweaty and disgusting and weak. So yeah, my boyfriend is going to the gym with me now. Go figure.

 Baked zucchini, potatoes and tomato (27.02.2017)

 Heart shaped potato chips 😀 (27.02.2017)

 Oatmeal porridge with raspberry jam and chia seeds + a couple of sandwiches with sausage and tomato (28.02.2017)

 Matcha whipped cream and red bean paste semla from Tokumaru and a cup of coffee (28.02.2017)

On the 1st of March, this Wednesday, I had a job interview at small café/bakery/grocery store. It went over the top well and I was invited in for a trial day on Friday. Yay! Take that, rude unemployment agency lady, for labelling me as a difficult case! I CAN get a job, or at least a chance for a job, with the parameters that I want.

 Fried eggs, boiled wieners, sandwich with cream cheese and tomato (01.03.2017)

 A lemon doughnut and coffee (01.03.2017)

 Lentil soup with sour cream (02.03.2017)

Wow, this feels like an actual proper blog post, despite it not having even half of the photos I usually post. Anyway, I will, hopefully, be back to daily posting again from tomorrow. Cheers!

Happy New Year

I’m a bit behind with my blogging, but what can you do when you are not at home for a while and then illness strikes, eh? New wear arrived for me and my boyfriend at home. We had a dinner of roast duck and garlic mashed potatoes and then poked our noses outside for a few minutes near midnight so we could catch some fireworks.

I took some shaky video footage of the fireworks. I kind of like how occasionally my camera’s focus went all blurry, resulting in pretty light effects.

2016 was an awful year for me. Good and wonderful things did happen a plenty, but I feel they were all tainted by what a big mess I was. I couldn’t enjoy anything properly and even feeling happy about something often ended up with a panic attack afterwards. Things got really bad in the second half of the year and I was barely functioning at all, having more bad days than good ones in a week.

However, I’ve gotten help and I can already feel the difference, so I am hopeful about 2017. I haven’t had a panic attack for almost a month now and it feels amazing. It has been incredible to feel emotions, and that includes negative emotions, without having to deal with the resulting panic attacks. For instance, the first time I got angry after starting my medication, I was stunned that I felt anger and then it passed and… no chaos followed. That was it. I felt an emotion and then it was over. This may sound stupid to many of you, but to me this was a miracle. I got angry and I didn’t have to work myself out of a bout of angry self-pitying depression for the next two to three days, because this is what happened to me every time before.

The aid keeping the panic attacks at bay is not the cure nor the final solution of course, it has not fixed my mind; it just helps me keep my emotions from overloading. I still have a lot of work to do with myself this year so I could start functioning normally again.

As for new year’s resolutions, I thought it would be pointless to promise things like: I will lose weight and will graduate from Uni etc. I’ve made so many resolutions like that and all that has happened is that I stress pointlessly about them and then they fail.

Instead I came up with the following practical resolutions:

  • I want to try and produce less garbage in my life this year. I want to try and buy less packaged things and to recycle more. I don’t want to be constantly upset about the number of garbage bags I take outside to the collection container.
  • I want to learn how to bake my own bread and how to make kimchi.

I think that sounds good enough for 2017.

Also, fun fact about the last day of 2016: I won the lottery- 17 €! xD I didn’t win anything for the entire year and on the last day I got the biggest lottery win I have ever gotten so far :p

So, tell me, how did you spend the last day of 2016? How was 2016 for you and did you make any resolutions for 2017?

Have a great year, everyone!

TV Tower and ilness… 26-27. Dec 2016

26. December

 Coffee, scrambled eggs, potato salad, some cucumber

 Napoleon’s cake and coffee

 Bouillabaisse @ Teletorn Restaurant. I’ve never had bouillabaisse before, but I always thought it was a seafood stew soup with more seafood in it. It was still good, but not what I expected. The piece of crab on top of it was really good.

 Sous vide roasted saddle of lamb, deep-fried thymus, vegetable gratin, baby vegetables and rosemary sauce. The roasted thymus had a very weird texture xD

 Daim McFlurry

We visited the Estonian TV Tower in the evening and had dinner in their restaurant. The view from 175m to the evening Tallinn was beautiful. The restaurant meal was probably one of the most expensive meals I’ve ever had and it all was… okay. I mean, the food was good, but nothing special. I always think that if after a meal, I can only think how good everything was, the meal was probably worth the money, but if afterwards I can only think how expensive everything was, then the food probably wasn’t worth the price. So, I doubt I ever want to go back to that restaurant. It was however still an interesting experience.

27. December

 Oat bran porridge with butter and raspberry jam, kefir bread with chocolate spread, coffee

 Pork schnitzels, fried potatoes with eggs, some cucumber and avocado salad

I caught a cold. Probably caught the bug from my boyfriend who started showing symptoms of illness already during Yule. Ugh, sucks so much.

A Christmas Party… 15. Dec 2016

 Oat bran porridge with a banana and some butter

 Really good pumpkin soup and a glass of white wine

 Some shrimp and a scallop


 Fish with wine sauce, some rice, mashed potatoes and broccoli

 Coffee and chocolate cake


So, it was Indrek’s work Christmas party. It was held in Kernu manor and the theme was 20’s fashion. We got all dressed up and it was pretty awesome. Sadly, the dressing up part was the only fun part this year, they didn’t really do anything else with the theme. I think this was the most boring Christmas party the company Indrek works for has held so far. The ones before this one have been all great fun. This year the food was kind of not good (except for the pumpkin soup and the shrimp, which were great) and the entire thing felt unorganised. For instance, the first course was served at the table, but the second course was served as a buffet in another room and no one bothered to announce it for everyone to know… eventually the information spread word to mouth that there was food in the other room. There were quite a few such instances during the entire evening.

The first band was terrible; they were two girls with electric violins and one with a saxophone. The sound was awfully loud and since the electric violins sounded through a computer and the saxophone did not, the sounds clashed terribly. Plus, they played a medley of “bad” pop songs and nothing original. The second band was much better, but since both bands were way too loud for the tiny room we were in, we had to fled the main event room and enjoy the tunes from two rooms away. The second band too played mostly only covers of pop songs, but at least they were performed nicely. It would have been cool to have a thematic band playing 20’s music, even if the music had been modernised old.

I mean I still had fun, but I mostly spent time with Indrek. I guess the organisers idea had simply been to come together, all dressed, up and then just hang out with music and food, but sadly this could only work with your own knit group, not with everyone bringing their dates and spouses, because then you have a bunch of strangers in the mix who have nothing to do when the work group starts talking about, well, work. And this happened a lot. None of the previous years was this a problem in any way, but I guess it can’t be all great every year. I’m still happy I got to dress up and get my hair done and that I got to look pretty for a change 😛

Some photos we took:

Stylish bathroom selfies.

Loud band

Gangsta Christmas


Meh and Movies and Bill Bailey… 30. September – 2. October 2016

30. September

 Buckwheat cereal with milk.

 Macaroni with wakame.

 Mulk’s porridge, a fried egg, soy sauce marinated chicken bits, some salad and marinated cucumber.

1. October

 Coffee and an apple.

 French fries.

 Tomato soup with sour cream and a slice of bread with liver paté.

I also had two beers in the evening. Miss K visited and we watched a couple of movies. The first one was “Alice Through the Looking Glass” which was somewhat meh, but it had its cool bits, so I am not complaining too much. I really loved the character of Time in it, he was great. Not sure why, but the Mad Hatter felt so out of place in this movie, I didn’t have this problem with him in the first one.

The second movie was “Guardians of the Galaxy,” because I wanted to see it again. Such an awesome movie still. One of the reasons why I wanted to watch it again is that I’ve been having dreams about Chris Pratt recently xD So worth it in its fabulous dance off glory!

2. October

 Coffee and some tomato soup.

 Some pancakes with strawberry jam and another cup of coffee.

 Boiled pelmeni with sour cream and a cup of bouillon.

We went to see Bill Bailey’s “Limboland” show in the evening. He was absolutely hilarious! His musical jokes were the best in my opinion. I had a great time and I laughed so much that my hear hurt a bit afterwards xD

Here is an example of what mister Bailey entertained us with:

It’s not the exact same performance he did yesterday, but similar 🙂