DIY Japanese candy kit fun… 18. January 2018

 Greek yoghurt with apple-lingonberry jam, puffed millet, quinoa cereal and banana.

 A sourdough chicken sandwich from RØST.

 Coffee and cakes that Kadi brought. There was a Bounty cake, a raspberry-lemon meringue roll and a black currant zefir cake.

Our plan for the day was to make some Japanese DIY candy kits that had piled up on my shelf 😛

 The first one was Super Mario gummy candy maker.

 Gummies solidifying.

 The kit came with a background where you could set a scene before you ate the candy :p Sadly the gummies were not very tasty.

 Next up was slime jelly xD I was quite excited about this one, because sliiiiiiiime!

This is how we mixed it.

 The slime had a really cool texture and it was fun to mix and stretch xD Sadly again the flavour of it wasn’t to my taste.

 Then there was the digging chocolate.

 The idea behind this one was to dig out gummy candy treasure from the chocolate dirt :p The taste of these was fine I think, but nothing exciting.

 Fishing out gummy candy kit.

This was hilarious the way it worked, but again it didn’t really taste good xD

 Candied apple kit.

 These were cute and absolutely delicious 😀

 Bean-zucchini stew over glass noodles with some corn crackers.

Junkfood kind of day… 22. March 2017

 Fried potatoes, sausage sandwiches and marinated cucumber.

 Kadi came to visit and she brought green tea cake and cookies from Killuke Kooki 😀 We had them with some peppermint tea. That cake was so so so good!

 Had about 1,5 bottles of beer… maybe a bit more.

 We had fun assembling some Japanese DIY candy kits. This one was called “Nyokonyoko Kororon” or as we called it “creepy candy wormies” xD The candy tasted weird and I didn’t like it much. It was fun to make though :p

This is a short vid of how the wormies were made:

 Sour cream and onion senbei that was spot on with the beer

 This candy kit was “Kurabete Neruneru”. The green goo was melon flavoured and the yellow one was pineapple flavoured. We both really liked the pineapple taste.

 Poppin’Cookin’ “Tanoshii Raamenya-san” aka “Fun Ramen Restaurant” ;D This was epic fun to make. It actually looked like real ramen and gyoza xD The gyoza tasted really nice too, the ramen had a weird texture, but didn’t taste bad.

 Chocolate ice cream break

 Soy flavoured senbei that also went great with the beer

 Tasty chickpea soup with feta cheese and assorted nuts and seeds. I followed this recipe to make the soup.

I had a really lovely and fun day with Kadi. The DIY candy kits were hilarious to assemble and after we were done with these, we just chilled with some beer and chattered away about all sorts of nonsense ♥

Most of the DIY candy was left for my boyfriend xD He appreciated it and ate them all without complaint when he got off work xD

Neruneru… 4. January 2017

 Leftover seafood pizza and ramen noodle and mushroom soup made with tom yum paste

 Nakayoshi Neruneru DIY candy. It was fun mixing this thing together. The green grape candy was really sour. The pink fluff was strawberry flavoured. The toppings were popping candy and soda flavoured pellets. I can’t say I was crazy about the taste, but it sure was a fun experience xD

I made a video of the candy making process. I liked a lot how the candy goo puffed up into its fluffy form :p I put the music over the video to muffle out my camera noisily changing the focus point and I also need to figure out an angle for the future where my hands wouldn’t be in the way all of the time xD But maybe this is a bit interesting to watch anyway?

 A persimmon and some kiwifruit

 Basil pesto risotto

 Huge cheese stuffed meatballs and some salad

I got really fed up in the grocery store, because most vegetables were prepackaged into plastic. Originally the risotto was supposed to be served with roasted zucchini, but since it was covered in plastic in one of the stores (I will not buy zucchini if I can’t nick a taste to make sure it isn’t bitter) and was half rotting in the other store I went to, I got angry and bought the meatballs instead… which were also in a plastic package, but at that point I didn’t really care anymore. Who the hell packages a zucchini anyway? Well, apparently a company called I ♥ Eco, which is simply ironic.

I made dinner and then we watched an episode of “Sweetness & Lightning,” which continues to be adorable, and “Yuri on Ice,” which is quite entertaining, with my boyfriend.

Happy New Year

I’m a bit behind with my blogging, but what can you do when you are not at home for a while and then illness strikes, eh? New wear arrived for me and my boyfriend at home. We had a dinner of roast duck and garlic mashed potatoes and then poked our noses outside for a few minutes near midnight so we could catch some fireworks.

I took some shaky video footage of the fireworks. I kind of like how occasionally my camera’s focus went all blurry, resulting in pretty light effects.

2016 was an awful year for me. Good and wonderful things did happen a plenty, but I feel they were all tainted by what a big mess I was. I couldn’t enjoy anything properly and even feeling happy about something often ended up with a panic attack afterwards. Things got really bad in the second half of the year and I was barely functioning at all, having more bad days than good ones in a week.

However, I’ve gotten help and I can already feel the difference, so I am hopeful about 2017. I haven’t had a panic attack for almost a month now and it feels amazing. It has been incredible to feel emotions, and that includes negative emotions, without having to deal with the resulting panic attacks. For instance, the first time I got angry after starting my medication, I was stunned that I felt anger and then it passed and… no chaos followed. That was it. I felt an emotion and then it was over. This may sound stupid to many of you, but to me this was a miracle. I got angry and I didn’t have to work myself out of a bout of angry self-pitying depression for the next two to three days, because this is what happened to me every time before.

The aid keeping the panic attacks at bay is not the cure nor the final solution of course, it has not fixed my mind; it just helps me keep my emotions from overloading. I still have a lot of work to do with myself this year so I could start functioning normally again.

As for new year’s resolutions, I thought it would be pointless to promise things like: I will lose weight and will graduate from Uni etc. I’ve made so many resolutions like that and all that has happened is that I stress pointlessly about them and then they fail.

Instead I came up with the following practical resolutions:

  • I want to try and produce less garbage in my life this year. I want to try and buy less packaged things and to recycle more. I don’t want to be constantly upset about the number of garbage bags I take outside to the collection container.
  • I want to learn how to bake my own bread and how to make kimchi.

I think that sounds good enough for 2017.

Also, fun fact about the last day of 2016: I won the lottery- 17 €! xD I didn’t win anything for the entire year and on the last day I got the biggest lottery win I have ever gotten so far :p

So, tell me, how did you spend the last day of 2016? How was 2016 for you and did you make any resolutions for 2017?

Have a great year, everyone!

The zoo and an escape room… 20. September 2016

 Oatmeal porridge with honey and a cup of coffee.

 Golden fried shrimp (with potato breading and sweet & spicy sauce) @ Mack Bar-B-Que. These were so yummy!

 Damnation burger (mozzarella, fiery hot mayo, jalapeno salsa, nachos, coleslaw). So juicy and deliciously spicy! I also had a delicious orange lemonade.,

 Mulk’s porridge with chanterelle and pork sauce; some salad and buttered rye bread on the side.


We went to the zoo in the morning and ended up spending most of the day there. I keep forgetting how big Tallinn Zoo has become and how long it actually takes to walk through the entire place. I love the zoo though and I am always so happy to see how they are working over there to give all the animals better habitats. The place used to be a tiny terrible concrete box where all animals lived in small cages with no greenery around, but now it’s really becoming a beautiful place with hopefully happier animals.

 Pretty Bird


 Food Time

One of the golden eagles took a particular interest in my boyfriend and chased him around in his cage. This was super peculiar!

 Big Cow



 Derpy Goat

 The Scariest Carnivore of Them All. Yikes!

 All the Monkeys xD

 Baby Monkey ♥

 A Blue Crab


 Vantsid ♥

Later in the evening we went to Escape Room. I’ve never been to an escape room before so I had really no idea what to expect. We tried out their “Prison Break” game where you had to, surprise-surprise, bust out of a prison in 60minutes. I am so glad I went there with smart people, because I couldn’t have figured out half of the puzzles myself xD I managed to open one code locked box, which was my only feat in the game… but it was super fun! We had about 8 minutes left on the timer when we got out. I want to go again 😀

We eventually crashed at our place where I cooked our guests some dinner. First time I managed a proper mulk’s porridge, so I think this all was a success 😀

Rainy… 23. August 2016

 For breakfast I had a cup of coffee and some tuna-carrot rice wrapped in a nori sheet.

 Unchoko. Grape flavoured lucky/poop chocolate in a cute kappa box :p Since it was so quirky, I did a short video of it too:

The name is a wordplay where “un” can both mean luck and poop. It’s accurate as the little kappa “poops” out the choco-balls from its rear and you can tell your fortune by which coloured ball comes out first. Since it was a green ball for me, it means my popularity luck should go up :p A pink ball would have meant money luck and a purple one diet luck :p

 Nestle Cheerios Oats with milk.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto.

 Hot cocoa and a couple of these cookies. The hot chocolate was so good and warm, but the cookies were a tad bit disappointing. They had a very artificial strong smell that irritated me and their taste was just meh.


It was a tranquil rainy day with a bit of thunder. I wish things in my head could have been as tranquil.

That pastry must have been terrible… 4. July 2016

 Coffee, sandwich with beef tongue, tomato and cucumber

 A boiled egg with salt

 Ice cream. It had two types of ice cream inside, plus raspberry jam. It was pretty tasty.

 Fish with creamy onion sauce, fried potatoes and salad

 Lemon quark

 Rassolnik soup and bacon pastry

 Half a quark pastry and some chamomile tea

 Cinzano Bianco with lemon


A local dog, named Eero, usually hung around the camping site. Mom gave him a piece of sausage, because he made these “I have not eaten for three weeks, please feed me” eyes that dogs usually use when they want something. Later she offered him one of the bacon pastries we were having and Eero was so disappointed to say the least xD Not sure why, but he decided to go and bury the pastry xD I made a crappy phone video of the ordeal and the shamed dog.


We spent the night on a tiny island, called Pähksaar, on Lake Võrtsjärv. It was a fantastic warm night and the sunset was absolutely breath taking. It was incredibly noisy as well with different birds making sounds, frogs croaking and fish jumping from the water. I managed to record a little bit of it on my Instagram so you can listen to it there if you’d like.

We went to the sauna, ate freshly smoked fish and just enjoyed it all. Such bliss.

 Seagull taking flight

 Just sticking out here on my own

 Magical sunset

 An authentic water reed roof. Pretty cool.

 The sunset taking on different hues now.

 Night has fallen upon the island.

I also put together a video of our boat ride to the island. The footage is crooked and shaky, but I found it pretty none the less.

10. May 2016

Piksepini Cup Final

I went to see my boyfriend take part of another enduro race. He and his brother have been taking part of this local series of races called Piksepini (Thundermutt) and it was the last race of the season. They did alright overall, landing themselves somewhere in the middle of the ranking list, considering that they missed a couple of races, that they were riding the amateur class and were mostly doing it for fun.

The weather was nice, but the ground was all wet and muddy… and for whatever reason I forgot to bring my rubber boots, so by the end of the event, my feet were soaking wet and freezing :/ Thankfully I didn’t catch a cold, or at least no symptoms have shown up as of yet. Hope it remains that way too.

Some photos I took:

 Climbing over heaps of logs wasn’t easy.

 Mah boo and his other gf in action.


 I really like this shot.

 Things are getting muddy.

 The “moodkiller” log matrix

I also shot a video of the event, but to be honest, it’s not too exciting unless you are extremely interested in enduro, but since I made it then here it is anyway :p