I love coffee. I drink a lot of it.

I used to not care much about different coffee beans if the result tasted good. For years I bought pre-ground coffee and stuck to only a couple of certain names/types that I knew I liked the taste of. It was quite boring, but hey coffee was coffee and I still liked drinking it.

After I decided to work as a barista again, I jumped head first into the coffee world and oh boy had it changed since the last time I properly paid any attention. Suddenly there were so many ways to brew coffee and countless small roasteries with different types of beans that tasted completely different. I mean, for a long time my understanding was that coffee either tasted good or bad, but then suddenly I found myself dropped into a world of different and often amazing flavour nuances. This all culminated in buying a proper burr grinder, so I could buy different beans and try them out at home.

I don’t really know much about coffee, let’s be honest, I am still learning about it (and I am quite a slow learner, preferring practice and experience to simply reading up on stuff) and how to brew it in different ways. But what I can do is taste things, so I thought it would be quite interesting to keep a journal of me trying different coffee beans and coffee drinks. I wouldn’t really call these scribbles reviews, because I am certain there is proper method behind coffee reviewing. Let’s just call them my musings over a coffee cup :p

So, join me on my journey of discovering coffee and it’s many many flavours.