[what I ate.] 1-7. April 2019

1. April

Coffee, some chocolates.

Potato latkes with spinach and a poached egg. Also, half a bagel with salmon and half with beef.


2. April – Flying to Catalonia

Coffee and a banana.

Instant noodles.

Strawberry smoothie.

Chicken pasta.

Hot cocoa on the plane.

Ice cream, water and potato chips.

3. April

Coffee, pa amb tomata (toast with tomato and garlic), omelette, some ham and a fig yoghurt.

Coffee and some pastry.

Plain yoghurt and some apple.

Nuts in dark chocolate as a mid-hike snack.

Couscous with meatballs in tomato sauce + some salad and bread.

Apple cake.

4. April

Coffee, yoghurt with honey, grains and nuts; pa amb tomata (toast with tomato and garlic), fried eggs and bacon.

Double chocolate Questbar.

Pasta carbonara and salad.

Some chicken.

Strawberries with sugar.

Dulce de leche ice cream.

5. April

Coffee, yoghurt with honey, grains and nuts; omelette and toast with chocolate spread.

A sports drink, a banana and some yōkan.

Asparagus soup.

Paella with rabbit, pork and sausages.

Pineapple cake.

6. April – flying back home

Coffee, orange juice, yoghurt with honey, grains and seeds; fried egg, some sausage and toast with chocolate spread.

Crappy airport food: a shitty tuna sandwich and even shittier pasta. Fucking expensive too.

Coffee, gummy bears, chicken nuggets and fries.

Gross. But I was in a bad mood.

Naked burger and salad.

7. April

Tuna salad and overcooked broccolini.

Greek yoghurt with passion fruit and seeds.

Quinoa with chicken, pesto, arugula, sprouts and seeds.

Some grapes.

Skull bowl… 20. May 2018

In the morning I went to the Kalamaja Festival with hubby and Kadi. We got loads of delicious food:

Handmade pelmeni and a turnip pastry from a Finno-Ugric grandmother 😀 Shared these with hubby, he ate most of the pastry, because I am not a big fan of turnip.

A green smoothie with spinach from Ökut. So yummy!

Blueberry bagel with cream cheese. This was so delicious!

Churros! We ate most of them, before I remember to take a photo xD

Chicken paella. It was a bit cold and dry but tasted good.

Ice cream from Surf Café.

Later in the evening e went to play with clay again with Kadi and Kerttu. I wanted to make a mug but ended up making a bowl again as the sides turned out too thick for a mug. I will attempt a mug again next time xD


Baked fish with garlic cream cheese and some salad with puffed millet and mushrooms. The puffed millet was kind of lame in the salad, but it was worth a shot I guess.

Getting things off my chest… 14. September 2017

 Salmon and egg bagel and salted cucumber from a convenience store and a cup of hot lovely coffee.

 A couple of tangerine candies. I got these from Candy Japan and I was absolutely thrilled about how cute they were and how good they tasted.

 Beetroot latte.

 Clear vegetable soup with minced meat and a dollop of sour cream + some coriander bread.

 A couple of apples.

 Dinner with boyfriend. I had another beetroot latte and we shared some sweet potato fries.

 A pancake with honey.

 A chocolate pastry.

I have been unhappy with my work lately. I mean, I still enjoy the actual work part, I am just tired of running against walls and minor problems not getting solved for months and then us, the people behind the counter, getting blamed for things going wrong even though we have no control over any of it. It has been frustrating and stressful. I got the owners involved now, so hopefully all parties will get their proper say and changes will be made. If not, then… I will be very very sad.

A long day full of stuff… 6. September 2017

 Salmon bagel from a convenience store for breakfast. It’s probably full of all sorts of crap that is bad for you, but I like it and was craving for it.

 Chicken pasta

 Pancake stuffed with banana slices and a cup of coffee

Work was nice, because Marit and Kadi came to hang out with me in the café for a while 🙂
After work I went to my parent’s place to help my mom carry some stuff to storage. Tont came to help too. When we were done, my mom fed us dinner:

 Vegetable stew with sour cream

 A divine pastry cream filled profiterole and some coffee

I passed by the café that sold these profiteroles at the Uue Maailma Street festival when I was walking to my parent’s place and got the urge to check if they sold them in their café too. They did and I got some, because SOGOOD!

Oops… 18-24 April 2016

Things happened. Well nothing really happened, I guess, but I was stressed and tired and somehow forgot to take photos about half of the things I ate, so I’ll just post some snippets from the past week. Just the prettier pictures, because who needs 4 photos of barley porridge in a row anyway, am I right?

Boyfriend had surgery on his broken hand on Tuesday and he is now about 0,001% Iron Man. The day was awful for me, because I worried about him and it didn’t help that he had to stay overnight at the hospital (originally he was supposed to be home the same day) and then my mom told me about the awful things that had happened to my little brother during his ice-skating practices, which left me even more upset and shaken, so I ended up having a full blown panic attack on my way home from the ice rink. I think it’s one of the worst I’ve ever had… 😦

The rest of the week felt like recovering from the panic attack. I slept a lot and listened to a lot of interesting podcasts. I also started a bit of a spring cleaning. I dug out and sorted out all my craft and art things and placed them to a more reachable shelf so I didn’t have to dig around for them when I finally needed them again. It’s been calm the rest of the week and I’m going to try and get myself on track again.

Setbacks like these feel harsh, as if you have failed, but they are just setbacks. It doesn’t mean one should give up after a relapse, just try again.

On to the food:

 Beef pasta and salad

I finally made this Polish sour rye soup called Żurek Wielkanocny. It was super tasty. The recipe can be found here if you are interested. I will definitely make this again in the future.

 Ugli fruit. This is an interesting hybrid of a grapefruit (or sometimes pomelo), an orange and a tangerine. It tasted really great, but it was rather on the expensive side, so not sure if I can buy it again in the near future or not.

 Sapporo Poteto Tsubutsubu Bejitaberu veggie potato chips. I really liked this for their nice mildly salty taste.


 Avocado goes well with pancakes

 Quark pastry

 Turkey chili with rice and sour cream

 Black currant flavoured zefirs, one regular and one covered in milk chocolate

 I had a chocolate ice cream and boyfriend had a zefir ice cream. I was hesitant to get the zefir ice-cream, because I thought it might be too sweet, but surprisingly it had a very nice mild taste instead.

 A bagel with tuna salad and a cappuccino

 LOOK Gaufrette Black Cacao chocolate wafers. These were good.

 Garlic mashed potatoes with cucumber, radish and cottage cheese salad + some milk

Oh and my thesis is, for now, on hold. I’ll do it one day. Just not right now.
I’m trying to not beat myself up over it, but it’s hard. At the same time, I don’t really care and feel a tremendous relief that I postponed it… I really didn’t want to do it and it just screwed with my head so much every time I tried. So it’s a relief and still a constant guilty nagging at the back of my head. What a confusing feeling.

I failed this, so I will try to be good at something else for a change. Try, emphasis on try.