[what I ate.] 18-24. March 2019

18. March

Coffee, oatmeal porridge with chia seeds, rye bread with salted salmon.

Cauliflower and broccoli stuffed meatloaf with cream sauce and some salad.

An apple and some sunflower seeds.

Cauliflower and broccoli stuffed meatloaf with cream sauce and rye bread with beef liver paté.

19. March

A salad with cottage cheese and tuna.

Borscht with sour cream and rye bread with beef liver paté.

A couple of chocolates from my co-worker.

Grapefruit and sunflower seeds.

Baked salmon and some salad.

A cinnamon roll, because I am weak.

20. March

Some pear with chia seeds.

I had lunch with Maarja J. at Gotsu. Started with a matcha latte.

Shared some kimchi mandu.

Pork kimchi stew and some rice.

Coffeeeeeh @ The Living Room Café

Baked some wholegrain banana muffins with walnuts and ate one too.

Baked salmon and some rye bread.

21. March

Coffee and a wholegrain banana-walnut muffin.

Rye bread with salted salmon and a boiled egg.

Some potato balls @ Kompressor I shared with Kadi.

A pancake with minced meat and cheese. I couldn’t finish it all.

Nashi pear and nuts in dark chocolate.

22. March

Nashi pear and some peanut butter.

Coffee, rye bread with avocado and salted salmon.

Some walnuts and a smoothie with spirulina and basil seeds.

Konnyaku noodles with vegetables.

23. March

Instant curry udon noodles.

Konnyaku noodles with vegetables.

An apple and some walnuts.

Fried beef liver and some salad.

24. March

Fried beef liver, a couple of boiled eggs, some rye bread and a cup of coffee.

Some kiwi fruit and walnuts.

Fried halloumi with rhubarb chutney my mom made, some steamed green beans, tomatoes and cucumber.

[what I ate.] 21 – 27 January 2019

21. January

Breakfast was smoothie with berries, banana, linseed and soy milk. I am making a conscious effort to eat breakfast now, as it’s what the doctor recommended.

Baked salmon and simple carrot salad.

An apple and some almonds for a snack.

Tofu-spinach curry with quinoa and garlic sprouts.

22. January

Coffee, scrambled eggs with turmeric, garlic sprouts and nettle rye bread with salted salmon.

Half a tuna-rice pastry.

Turnip-cauliflower soup.

Cottage cheese with raspberries.

Tofu-spinach curry with quinoa and garlic sprouts.

23. January

Nettle rye bread with salted salmon and avocado.

Freeze dried raspberries and some pecans.

Broccoli soup.

Natural 12 crispi roll. This is a really nice snack treat.

Mashed cauliflower and green peas with baked white fish.

24. January

Buckwheat porridge and salted salmon.

Went to my favourite coffee shop for some great coffee and some manga time. @The Living Room Café

Broccoli soup.

Some grapefruit.

Konnyaku noodle wok with mung bean sprouts, cauliflower and green beans.

25. January

Toasted nettle rye bread with salted salmon and a cup of coffee.

A couple of Kalev’s cherry flavoured jelly candies.

Some sunflower seeds.

Smoothie with banana, persimmon, soy milk and linseed.

Tomato-white bean soup with fresh basil and toasted pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

26. January

Mostly egg white omelette with spinach and some cucumber.

Warabi mochi and some coffee.

Tomato-white bean soup with fresh basil.

Beetroot-chickpea patties with mayo, salad with orange and mung bean sprouts.

27. January

Greek yoghurt with honey, puffed millet and sunflower seeds. Also had some coffee.

A couple of beetroot-chickpea patties with some cucumber, tomato and a slice of toasted nettle rye bread.

A couple of these canapés with elk meat and marinated cucumber.

A slice of this raw cake that mom made. It had different nuts, dried dates, raspberries and passion fruit in it. It was good albeit really heavy to eat xD

[what I ate.] 8-14. October 2018

8. October

A delicious cup of coffee before work @ The Living Room café. I had the Guatemala one. It was divine.

A slice of mushroom-bacon pizza and some chickpea-veggie soup with sour cream.

Almond-cardamom pastry.

Japanese style pork curry with rice and some pickles.

Some delicious candies.

9. October

I had a crappy morning, thus coffee and candy in a dreary bust stop on my way to work.

Chili sin carne with brown rice.

Coffee and a banana-chocolate muffin.

Japanese style pork curry with rice.

10. October – Concert in Helsinki

Yummy blueberry-raspberry yoghurt and a crappy salmon-shrimp salad on our way to Helsinki.

Chicken tofu bowl for lunch. Hubby had beef.

Dinner @ Zetor. I had sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles. It was absolutely delicious. The meat was super soft and the flavour lush.

A peanut butter-chocolate chip filled taiyaki. So good!

11. October – Back to Tallinn

Epic buffet on the boat: croissants, mini doughnuts, coffee, beer, bulgur-edamame salad, ham, cold smoked salmon, some tomato and cucumber, pickles, meatballs, beetroot-oatmeal balls, scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, baked salmon. Everything was super good, except the bulgur-edamame salad which was flavourless and the meatballs that were a bit dry.

More coffee, chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream. I added some strawberry jam which was yummy and bean “crisps” that were not so very good xD

Japanese style pork curry with rice.

12. October

A caffé latte and a red velvet coconut ball @ Surf Café

Salmon soup.

Coffee and a cookie-hazelnut-chocolate truffle.

Bacon-garlic-cheese pastry.

Tonkotsu soy ramen and Midori Illusion cocktail (Midori Liqueur, Triple Sec, vodka, lemon juice, pineapple juice) @ Washoku Story.

Shared this cheesecake with Kerttu @ a neighboring café of which I can’t remember the name of 8D

A yuzu mocktail and a crappy-ish coffee at the same place.

More coffee and a couple of these cookie-hazelnut-chocolate truffles.

13. October

Wheat crackers with tuna. Also had some coffee.

Boiled potatoes with chanterelle sauce and some pickled cucumber. Also had a grape-banana smoothie.

14. October

Boiled potatoes with chanterelle sauce.

Coffee, a grilled sandwich with cheese and sausage.

Toast and scallop carpaccio at my parents’ house.

Pasta with scallops and chorizo.

Berry triffle.

A lot of good food… 28-29. November 2016

28. November

 A lemon kohuke and a cup of coffee

 A bit of leftover mushroom soup and a cheese and ham pastry

 Some gummy bears

 Dinner with my boyfriend, mom and sister @ Rataskaevu 16. Complimentary bread and butter from the house.

 Beef tenderloin with avocado + lightly salted fresh cucumber and a mustard sauce. Shared this with my boyfriend.

 Oven baked salmon with potato-chives cream, asparagus and sugar peas


 Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry-lime sauce

The dinner was a later birthday gift for my mom and it was a lovely time for all of us. I had such a huge food coma afterwards xD
I also had a family doctor’s appointment in the morning and I accepted her offer to prescribe me anti-depressants. My psychiatrist appointment is in February next year and felt I couldn’t just continue for another two months the way I tend to be right now. So I am hoping that the meds will help.

29. November

 Bran and seeds porridge with a chopped-up banana and chia seeds. Also, I ate a persimmon.

 Sloppy Joes (I had 2 of these) with cheese and guacamole and some cucumber with nuts and seeds

New Year’s Eve… 31. December 2015

Coffee and some Dumle candy

 A ham and avocado sandwich

 Baked salmon, baked mushrooms with cheese, marinated pumpkin and cucumber

 Salted potato chips, some persimmon and pomelo


We spent the New Year’s Eve with our friends and their family. There was good food, board games and fireworks. It was lovely ♥

Some photos my boyfriend snapped:

Lovemilla… 15. November 2015

 Fried eggs with asparagus

 Baked salmon, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, salad



My family came for a visit. We had lunch and stuff. They gifted us a set of champagne glasses 😀 I think they weren’t too happy with my cooking skills, cause the fish was kind of weird and I overcooked the veggies :/

It really  bothers me that it’s almost impossible to get “clean” food from the shops these days. You’d think that if you avoid prefabricates and buy the basic ingredients to cook yourself, you’d avoid weird additives and preservatives, but you really don’t. The salmon I got for the lunch ended up leaking this weird white grease like stuff in the oven. Apparently it’s some sort of food preservative sprinkled on the fish (rubbed into the fish?) in the store. It’s “supposedly” harmless, but come on, first of all it looked gross and secondly, I’d rather not have crap in my food that I don’t understand and that isn’t supposed to be in there in the first place. Blah.

Later in the evening we went to see a Finnish film called “Lovemilla.” The Finns sure know how to make a good comedy! It was super fun :p I wonder when we Estonians will ever reach this level of movie making where all of our movies won’t look and feel like theatrical stage performances anymore.

Anyway, the story was about a girl named Milla and her boyfriend Aimo who were trying to move out on their own to get away from Milla’s drunkard zombie parents. The portrayal of alcoholism was brilliant in this movie. I mean don’t alcoholics kind of resemble zombies in their looks and actions? The young couple’s dream however isn’t easily established due to lack of money, meddling friends and villains and most of all due Aimo’s low self-esteem that prompts him to waste all their hard saved money on a metal exoskeleton thingy to feel more manly and powerful. It’s a colourful and silly portrayal of young peoples lives and problems that even includes a singing number at one point led by a glittering gay fairy.

There is a TV-show with the same characters too, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any translations available and my Finnish is barely rudimentary 😦

An unexpected morning trip to get coffee…25. February 2015

 A chocolate croissant, meat pastry and coffee from Ristikheina Kohvik. The croissant and the coffee were divine (best latte I have had for a very long time), but the meat pastry was a bit too heavy on the salt.
Boyfriend woke me up in the morning, saying that we are going out to get coffee. He had to go pick up a car from someplace and wanted company for the boring trip there and back. The coffee and pastry was a bribe apparently xD

 A pear, barley porridge with butter

 Baked salmon and salad with radishes

Salmon…22. February 2015

 Verner Meeõlu (Honey beer). I actually had that late in the previous evening, so the time stamp put it under this day. It was such a disappointingly boring tasting beer. Yes there was a very vague honey after taste (so vague that if you weren’t looking for it, you might have missed it), but that wasn’t enough to compensate the bland and unmemorable overall taste.

 Coffee and home made pizza (olives, ham and marinated cucumber)

 Apple juice and half of a feta-spinach pastry

 Salad and baked salmon

 Delicious brownie