Ramen chips… 7. May 2016

 Barley porridge with butter and strawberry jam

 Vanilla kohuke

 Coffee, a sandwich with smoked ham, tomato and cucumber

 Baileys chocolate

 Veggie and noodle wok

 Chicken ramen chips. Those were interesting ones.

Drunken raid time… 16. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter + a cup of coffee

 Meiji milk chocolate Cubie. These were yummy chocolates.


 Beef pasta with some salad


I also had half a bottle of homemade wine whilst raiding in Rift with my guild. We played truth or dare over TS and it was hilarious. I think I now know wayyy too many dirty details about people’s lives whom I have never properly met xD I also wonder whether or not we traumatized the poor PuGs, who tagged along to our drunken fail-raids xD

To Tartu and back… 8. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter


 Sushi time: tempura salmon and wakame futomaki and baby octopus hosomaki + some green tea to drink.

 Some Raffaello confectionery

 Green tea mango mantra Boost

 Chicken salad and moussaka


I went to Tartu with my mom, sis and brother. We went there because my brother had an ice-skating competition there. It was pretty awesome to see my little brother dancing on ice like a pro 😀

Ame… 6. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter

 A sandwich with beef ham and avocado

 Rice and mushroom curry

 Black tea with milk and Karl Fazer Rio de Janeiro Mint & Choco Drops milk chocolate that tasted awesome


 It was a rainy day.