Wild garlic… 16. May 2016

 Sausage and cucumber sandwiches

 Barley porridge with butter

 Toast with peanut butter and banana

 Toast with wild garlic pesto, ham and sun dried tomato

 Rice with katsuobushi, soy sauce and some tomatoes; sausage and cucumber sandwich


Ramen chips… 7. May 2016

 Barley porridge with butter and strawberry jam

 Vanilla kohuke

 Coffee, a sandwich with smoked ham, tomato and cucumber

 Baileys chocolate

 Veggie and noodle wok

 Chicken ramen chips. Those were interesting ones.

Drunken raid time… 16. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter + a cup of coffee

 Meiji milk chocolate Cubie. These were yummy chocolates.


 Beef pasta with some salad


I also had half a bottle of homemade wine whilst raiding in Rift with my guild. We played truth or dare over TS and it was hilarious. I think I now know wayyy too many dirty details about people’s lives whom I have never properly met xD I also wonder whether or not we traumatized the poor PuGs, who tagged along to our drunken fail-raids xD

To Tartu and back… 8. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter


 Sushi time: tempura salmon and wakame futomaki and baby octopus hosomaki + some green tea to drink.

 Some Raffaello confectionery

 Green tea mango mantra Boost

 Chicken salad and moussaka


I went to Tartu with my mom, sis and brother. We went there because my brother had an ice-skating competition there. It was pretty awesome to see my little brother dancing on ice like a pro 😀

Ame… 6. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter

 A sandwich with beef ham and avocado

 Rice and mushroom curry

 Black tea with milk and Karl Fazer Rio de Janeiro Mint & Choco Drops milk chocolate that tasted awesome


 It was a rainy day.