Treat yo’ self… 13. October 2017

 Coffee and an apple. I didn’t eat the lemon yoghurt cream, because the texture was weirdly liquid and the taste weird.

 I decided I needed a treat after my work week, so I went to Gelato Ladies and got myself a scoop of chocolate ice cream and their Halloween special black ice cream :p People looked at me weird, when I walked around eating black ice cream xD

 Treats continue: a small pastry from RØST. It looked so good, but it was too sweet for me 😦

 Even more treats: a sourdough sandwich with salmon also from RØST. I love their bread.

 Oven baked pumpkin and potatoes with some sour cream and a side of sliced cucumber.

 Lehe Ravnodenstvie BA Russian Imperial Stout. This was a super intense flavour bomb. Loved it! It was a good company to the nightmare rift run we did with my guild in Rift 🙂


Lambic beer evening… 7. October 2017

 A cup of coffee and Ritter Sport chocolate with crispy corn flakes.

 I went and had cake with my little brother @ Ristikheina Kohvik. He had a banana-chocolate cake and I had a cherry cake.

 Alfred also had an ice cream cocktail with apple juice and I had a freshly pressed mixed juice.

 In the evening I went to a dinner even with my boyfriend at Koloniaal. The first course was shrimp-avocado cocktail. Every course was accompanied by a different lambic beer.

 My date ♥

 Cheese croquettes with cherry sauce. One of the croquettes had bacon in it, the other one was regular.

 Buttery white fish with boiled potatoes. The fish was great!

 Stewed rabbit with broccoli. The rabbit was super tender and yummy.

 Rice cake with ice cream and jam. I loved the cake a lot.

Fish… 9. September 2017

 Coffee and onigiri. The onigiri were made with tuna seasoning, some ponzu and half of them were stuffed with leftover ham bits.

 A banana.

We went to Vapramäe Trout… farm? Anyway, to a place where you can catch your own fish and then the house will prepare it for you. There happened to be an Atlantic sturgeon in the basin as well and Agu managed to catch it :p I didn’t try catching the fish, I think the kids were having more fun with it anyway.

 Some Atlantic sturgeon and trout with various shapes of potatoes. Sadly, the sturgeon tasted like mud, so I ended up not eating it. The trout and the potatoes were good though.

After the fish event, we drove to Karula where general chill was planned. I fell asleep on the couch there for a few hours, because I was still tired. It did me good though.

 Some tea, sült and bread with butter.

 Pihtla Õlleköök Viljapuna (Irish red ale). This was drinkable, but the taste was altogether quite unmemorable and maybe just a bit too bland.

 Pihtla Õlleköök Ingveriõlu (ginger beer). This tasted nicely of giner and wasn’t too sweet, so I quite liked it.

 Breaded parasol mushrooms that were oh so yummy!

Apparently, there was a huge magnetic storm… 8. September 2017

 Chickpea-zucchini salad and a chicken pastry

 Beef stewed in cream sauce with some potatoes and salad

 A bit of banana-blueberry smoothie

 A cheese pastry

 Rice with cabbage-minced meat stew and a chicken pastry

 Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 2014. Pretty nice tasting lambic beer.

It was just one of THESE days where everything goes wrong and is terrible. There was nausea, almost throwing up at work, my sense of smell going wonky so EVERYTHING smelled strong and awful… and on top of that the drinks fridge at work broke when I closed the door on it after getting a pack of almond milk from there and I almost got hit by a huge ass absinthe bottle that fell down from the top of it :s I’m not quite certain what exactly or how it happened, all I know is that things broke and fell and I am quite happy that I didn’t get hurt.

I was so utterly exhausted by the end of my work day. I started making stupid mistakes with things already as well. I was so glad when my replacement shift arrived and I could go home… 8D

Chicken hearts and DOOM… 6-7. June 2017

6. June

 Coffee and a banana

 A cheese-bacon roll

 Blue cheese and ham pasta with some salad

 Baked chicken with potatoes and some salad

 Soft ice cream and coffee from Surf cafe

 Chicken heart-sorrel soup

7. June

 Cereal with milk and some coffee

 What the Fruit? Black currant and cherry smart snack

 Wostok pine needle lemonade


 A pancake with banana and honey

 Sourdough bread, chicken heart-sorrel soup with sour cream

Lindemans Perchesse beer. A bit too sweet for me.

I was listening to the following soundtrack when I was buying the chicken hearts at the market. It felt hardcore xD

Nomnom… 4-5. June 2017

4. June

 Pancakes with apple jam

 Nutella B-ready. Meh.

 Hopster Frida beer

 Boiled potatoes with wild garlic butter, meatballs and marinated cucumber

 Consommé flavoured potato chips

5. June

 Coffee; kiwifruit-banana-pear puree

 A cheese roll

 Buckwheat with creamy pork sauce

 Potatoes with wild garlic butter, baked fish and some salad

Just work… 22-23. May 2017


 Coffee and Meridian peanut bar

 Cinnamon bun

 Fried egg, bacon, sweet potato fries and some salad

 Lindmans Framboise lambic beer we shared with my co-workers

 Baked fish and some radish-tomato salad


 A banana

 Daim and Haribo gummy candies that Kadi got me :p

 A pretzel and some coffee


 Potato-bacon pastry nomnom

 Rye bread with cottage cheese salad

 Chicken soup with some coriander bread

 Quark doughnuts

 Baked fish, rice with furikake and some radish-tomato salad