Raid night… 3. February 2018

 Miso soup, omelette with bacon and rye bread, mixed black rice and white rice.

 Coffee, some chocolate truffles. The truffles were dry and bitter 😦

 Egg noodles in miso soup with fried mushrooms and a poached egg.

 Käbliku TLN PNLB beer. This was a good full flavoured beer. I had two other not so good generic beers after that.

 Chocolate cookies. Yum!

Feeling better… 2. February 2018

 Buckwheat porridge with bacon and a fried egg.

 Coffee and a delicious semla from Killuke Kooki.

 Miso soup and onigiri with black rice. I like how the added black rice dyed the white one all purple. It’s a very awesome shade.

 Mjuk turmeric kombucha. It tasted nice and refreshing.

 Freshly baked white bread with butter and honey, and a glass of milk.

I am feeling a lot better already. I still sleep a lot and take medicine, but the cold symptoms have toned down quite noticeably. I even had some leftover energy to bake some white bread and to take a hot bath in the evening.

Flatbread… 27. October 2017

 Coffee and brownie quark.

 Glass noodles with sour cream and soy sauce.

 Pokémon wafer.

 Potato and black rice curry with sour cream. I wanted to bake beetroot bread, but my dough didn’t rise so I made beetroot flatbread instead to go with the curry.

Therapy… 4. September 2017

 Two cucumber sandwiches for breakfast

 A milk chocolate trilobite that I got from the Estonian Museum of Natural History a while ago. Finally decided to eat the cute thing :p

 An apple and some cardamom biscuits

 Tomato soup with black rice, quinoa and sour cream; two sandwiches with cucumber, tomato and some ham

 Teekanne Lemon Cake tea and a sandwich with crunchy peanut butter. I am not a big fan of that particular tea, but I am a sucker for odd things and want to try weird flavours, so this is why I got it initially. The lemony flavour of it is okay, but there is another flavour nuance next to it that makes it taste off for me. Perhaps it’s the cake part of the tea that I don’t like xD

So, I am going to therapy now. Once a week for the foreseeable future. So far it doesn’t feel any different than going to a psychologist, but then again, I think the therapist is still getting to know me. We’ll see how it goes.

More festival food… 3. September 2017

 Breakfast: a cucumber sandwich, butter-honey sandwich and a sammich with Nutella.

I went to the Uue Maailma Festival again, because I wanted to get my boyfriend one of these amazing profiteroles as well. Since I was already there I decided to get another churro, because they are delicious and you can’t get them anytime.

 I wanted to buy one churro, but got two, because they offered me one for free xD Yay! It’s good to have friends in high places :p

 Deep fried sprats. I am usually not very fond of sprats, but served this way, they were quite tasty if only a bit too oily.

 Dinner: tomato soup with black rice, quinoa and sour cream + a slice of bread I got from the festival.

 I got myself another lush pastry cream filled profiterole as well, because good food makes life worth living. Good food also makes you fat, but eh…

I also got my boyfriend a couple of bottles of Seto Kali, because it’s naturally fermented, tastes great and you also can’t get it from many places. For myself, I bought a wolf bone pendant that you can see here if you are interested.

You’re hot and you’re cold… 25. January 2017

 Hot and sour soup with shrimp and mushrooms @ Chopsticks. I was feeling so cold and bordering ill in the morning that I wanted something warm and spicy to eat. This soup did the trick, I felt so much better afterwards.

 And of course, right after that, I wanted some ice cream xD That chocolate ice cream hit the spot too.

 A sloppy joe with beef chili; some black rice and salad

 I baked my first ever loaf of white bread and it turned out better than I expected for a first try 😀 I had a couple of slices of my handiwork with butter and honey + some chamomile tea.