Homechill… 29. April 2018

 Kefir pancakes with Nutella, peanut butter and banana.

 An apple.

 Mushroom pelmeni with salad and sour cream.

 Some senbei I shared with hubby.

 Sakura Love black tea. The package of this tea was adorable. Tea was nice too.

There is a weirdo in my tea… 15. April 2018

 A banana and a cup of coffee.

 A vanilla kohuke.

 Greek yoghurt with honey and some granola.

 A grilled sandwich with cheese and ham, potato-carrot soup with sour cream.

 Tea, black sesame seed senbei, almond rusk and milk chocolate with biscuits. The senbei and the rusk were super delicious, the chocolate bite was meh.

 Caramelised apple cake bite. This was also meh.

Vegan experiments at work… 7. March 2018

 Vegan cheese roll. It tasted like bread with mayo, so not so sure about this.

 Chicken katsudon from Washoku Story.

 Some kiwifruit.

 Pelmeni with sour cream.

 Coffee and kit-kats I shared with my boyfriend. One of the matcha ones was super potent and bitter. It was cool in it’s own way, but I am not completely sure I liked it xD I enjoyed the mild matcha one better. Starwberry and sweet potato ones were kind of meh to me… The black tea one was okay and the tiny berry and almond one was the best one of the bunch.

Comfort foods… 29. August 2016

 Sandwiches with smoked pork and tomato + a cup of coffee.

 Yakiimo (baked sweet potato) cookies.

 Mashed veggies (potato, carrot, broccoli) and boiled wieners with ketchup.

 Black tea and some more Yakiimo cookies. The cookies were super sweet, so they went perfect with unsweetened tea.

Angry at this illness… 24. August 2016

 Bran crispbread with avocado and tomato; a cup of coffee.

 A slice of white bread with avocado and tomato.

 A motivational smoothie from Boost: watermelon-strawberry smoothie with chia seeds.
I wasn’t feeling too good, but I decided I should go for a walk anyway, so I promised myself I’d buy myself a smoothie from Boost if I went out anyway. I managed to walk to the town centre, but took the bus back home, because by the time I got my smoothie and wanted to head back I was feeling pretty dizzy. I’m usually all for properly sitting out all the illnesses and recovering before becoming more active again, but I guess I am just so angry at this Lyme disease that I just don’t want to give in to it. What do you mean my joints hurt and I start feeling out of breath and dizzy when I walk? Fuck this, I’m going for a walk anyway! It’s how this entire thing feels.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto, tomato and avocado.

 Black tea and about 3 of these lemon cookies. The lemon cookies tasted so much better than the cocoa ones we had the day before, but they still had a very strong and annoying artificial smell.

Ame… 6. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter

 A sandwich with beef ham and avocado

 Rice and mushroom curry

 Black tea with milk and Karl Fazer Rio de Janeiro Mint & Choco Drops milk chocolate that tasted awesome


 It was a rainy day.

Outside… 4. April 2016

 Rye bread sandwich with beef ham and avocado + a cup of coffee

Café latte @ Kohvik Boheem

 A chicken and feta wrap that was huge, but really juicy and good.

 Black tea with milk, warm rye bread with butter, tomato soup with sour cream


I went out for a walk with Maarja and then we had lunch at Kohvik Boheem. It was lovely and refreshing, thanks for the wonderful company. Sorry I’ve been like a broken record lately however about the topics I talk about.