[what I ate.] 24-30. December 2018

24. December – Yule

Porridge with butter and jam.

Meat jelly (sült) and coffee.

Sauerkraut and boiled potatoes, roast duck.

Roast pork, marinated cucumber.

And blood sausage too!

Tea and delicious delicious cake.

25. December

Coffee and cake.

Walnut-caramel candies I made.

Coffee, sauerkraut, potatoes, blood sausage and other meats.


Berry jelly with ice cream.

26. December

Cucumber and sausage sandwich and some meat jelly (sült).

Coffee and porridge with butter.

Coffee and cake.

More cake :p

Coffee and tuna sandwich.

27. December

Coffee and some couscous.

Scrambled eggs and ham.

Coffee, some buckwheat, roast beetroot and salad.

28. December

Buckwheat and roast beetroot.

Coffee and a chocolate lollypop.

Onigiri senbei.

Meatballs in creamy parsley sauce with rice and salad.

29. December

Porridge and flatbread with cream cheese and sausage.

Some pretty crappy churros.

Coffee, persimmon smoothie.

Jellied beef and horseradish chips and two cheese cookies.

30. December

Jellied meat, wakame salad, garlic sprouts, pickled cucumber, tomato, a meatball and some mayonnaise.

Meat pastry grandmother sent.

Funny honey flavoured candies.

Blood pudding with salad and mayonnaise.

I’m terrible when I am tired… 18-19. Dec 2016

18. December

 Coffee, a boiled egg and several minced meat pastries

 A cappuccino and I had a couple of bites of the cheesecake

 Buckwheat-cabbage stew, fried blood pudding and cucumber salad with sour cream.

I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I was moody and tired for most of the day. We drove back from Pärnu and went to Tondiraba ice-rink, because my brother had his ice-skating group Christmas party/show there. I was a bad big sister and decided to nap in the café instead of watching my little brother dance on ice. I took a proper long nap when we finally got back home… I felt so much better after that. I’m not a very nice person when I am tired.

19. December

 Cereal with milk and a cup of coffee

 Buckwheat-cabbage stew

 Coffee and a few banana muffins

 Salmon sandwiches and a vermouth (?) cocktail

 Had one slice of veggie quiche

In the evening, we went to visit our friends Mati and Merle to pick up my cake mould I forgot there the last time we visited. It was originally supposed to be a quick visit, but we ended up staying for hours and just chatting in their kitchen. Was quite lovely.

Having a good time… 9. July 2016

I am pretty sure I had kama with kefir in the morning, but I guess I forgot to take a photo.

 Affogato @ Wabadus. My second time trying an affogato in Estonia and this one was pretty good  actually:D

 München Vaskne beer and veggie platter with dip that we ordered to share @ Hell Hunt

 Jalapeno poppers 8D I had two.

 Watermelon gummies that were surprisingly tasty

 Anna ordered some blood pudding chips @ Pööbel. I snagged a few too and quite liked them.

 A rather disappointing ox steak with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce. The mushroom sauce was delicious, but the steak was hard and difficult to chew 😦 Not worth the money it cost (14,80€) if you ask me. I also had another beer with this meal.


We arrived at home near morning after Anna’s garden party (I think around 4 am?) and thus we ended up sleeping until 2pm almost. When we finally got our shutters open, there was an invitation from Anna to come hang out with her and the co. in town, so that’s exactly what we did. It was super fun to hang out and have some snacks and beers and food. Too bad she was visiting only for such a short time, because I would have loved to spend more time together.

My diet got thrown out of the window again, but here are some sleepy ducks to make up for it: